4 Steps from Day to Night

I do this simple look every time I decide to do something a little more fancy on whim. 
Those days where you could swear you wont feel like going out for dinner, drinks, the theater etc 
- just so you can have the adrenaline rush of changing your mind last minute.
I also wear this look on lazy nights out that usually end with my friends singing about how I'm the biggest party pooper. 
But HEY, Every party has it's pooper!

So here are the 4 steps I rush through whenever I feel surprisingly spontaneous
or more like a terribly lazy parody of myself. 

Let's assume our make up is still picture perfect, otherwise I would have to change the title to 
"9 Steps from day to Night!" 
This would suck majorly, as I believe that's an ugly number. Hence, you would have never clicked the link.
I wanted to save us all the pity, 'cause this look is just too simple and beautiful. 
No need to thank me ;)

All I added to my eyes was a bright gold highlighter to my inner corner and some black eyeliner which I winged out.
Afterwards, I put about a ton of blush on my cheeks, which is a totally reasonable thing to do at night. To add a pop of colour to my lips I used Mac's Cremesheen Glass in the colour Loud & Lovely. 
How Ironic! I would also describe myself as loud & lovely, I think most people would at least agree with loud. hahaha
The most important step is the finish! - a few spritz of my favourite perfume

V o i l à
I'm ready to go! 

I hope you guys try it!

Ps: for a detailed list of the products I used, click here.


Inside my travel Makeup bag

is probably less than you would expect!
Yes! I prefer traveling on the light side. 
Never the less, no matter how well thought-out my intention is or how hard I try, I always seem to fail miserably.

 So inside my tiny makeup bag is: 
- Mac's Studio finish Concealer
- Essence's golden pencil from a former collection
- Mac's Technakohl Eyeliner in Graphblack
- Sigma's Short Shader Brush
- Covergirl Lashblast 
- The perfume I'm testing right now
- My melted Illamasqua Cream Blusher in the colour Rude
- Maybelline's DEFINE-A-BROW
- Maybelline's Great Lash
- Sigma's Tapered Highlighting Brush 
- A Kabuki Brush
- Mac's MSF natural
- Mac's Mineralize Blush in Warmth of Coral (from the Semi Precious Colour Collection)  

What do you like to take with you when you are going on a short holiday?


PS: Tomorrow I will be posting a very easy pictorial with the things I brought. 
So be on the look out for that!


23072011 Day to Night

On saturday I had enough time to "rush" my bf out of bed and into taking a few snaps before I had to run to a quick casting. 
Notice how the quality of those snaps is a tiny bit better compared to my last pre-casting-outfit-post?
I'm slowly but surly getting there. 
*mental high five* 

 Afterwards, my friends and I had plans to go for some cocktails. I decided to keep the outfit and simply add some black eyeliner and the sultry perfume I'm testing right now!

Chocker Necklace - H&M / Washed out black Blouse - Zara / Jeans - Acne / Heels - Kurt Geiger

I've been really into chocker necklaces lately. I feel like it ads a touch of rough glamour to an outfit.
Just like that! 
*imagine me doing a sassy snap* 

H A P P Y  W E D N E S D A Y
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!




I am spending the next couple of days in beautiful Salzburg. 
The weather will most likely be rather bad, but I don't mind! 
I will just curl up in a combination of my bf and a fuzzy blanket, paired with a good book and hot cocoa.

I packed for all eventualities, at least I believe I did.
So, bring on the rain and clouds, I'm prepared and oh-so excited :)



Inside the Acne bag

were two pair of jeans. 
I went totally bonkers when I saw how much their jeans were discounted! 
I just had to stock up on amazingly flattering, booty cracking and shagadelic tight jeans. 
Which is why there is a third pair on it's way to my widely spread arms or should I say bare legs. Ups..

On the left - Kex Nightster / On the right - Kex Split

By the way, Kex is my favourite cut they do. 
It sits lower than their other models and is cut super slim all the way through the leg. 
I am beyond happy with my choice!

What is your favourite jeans brand? 



Today is not my day

I'm quite frustrated for various reasons, some semi-important and others straight forward stupid. 
Good thing this neat little pick me up just arrived in it's beautiful salmon packaging.
Now I feel like having Sushi for dinner!

 So much for a fast sense of delight and a fuzzy warm feeling for my credit card. 
Can anyone guess what's inside? 



On and on and on.... mind are about a million and one things. 

The ones I will show you right now are the more fun, exciting and even nerve racking (in a damn-it-I-can't-have-you kinda way) things that are wrapped around my brain right now. 

always, always, always SHOES!
A typical case of a "nerve racker" right here. 
Damn you for not magically appearing on my door step!

thanks to fashionsquad I now know that these beauties are on sale at ZARA. I bet I'm too late.
Anyone who finds them in size 39 for me will receive THE biggest hug! <3

The perfect watch-bangles combination!

Craving a new Colour&Cut

Could you imagine her picture perfect ombre hair combined with my caramel face?!
YAY! or NAY!
what do you think?

Fast, faster Chanel Fastfood!

I seriously need McDonalds to redo their packaging!
Chanel needs to open up their own fast food franchise!
Either way something needs to happen right now!!!!!!

Quite a frustrating thought. - I know!

As I am falling asleep on my desk, looking some what similar to him -less sexy though, I wish you all sweet dreams!



A touch of Green

On Saturday me and my girls decided to hit the clubs. I wanted to incorporate some colour into my makeup without going full out - something easy breezy.
I went for a summery bronzed green look. 

On my eyes: 
I started off by patting Mac's Amber Lights on my crease, up to my brow bone, my inner lid and below my lower lash line.
To give my eyes more depth, I applied Mac's Sumptuous Olive to my crease and Mac's Humid to my lid.  
I wanted to give my eyes a soft cat eye effect, so I used Mac's Bottle Green on a small angled brush to line my upper and lower lash line, winging it out on the outer corner. Afterwards, I lined my waterline with Chromographic Pencil in NC15, to let my eyes appear bigger and more awake.
I then attempted to perfect my eyebrows by using Maybelline's Define-A-Brow and afterwards brushing through them with some clear brow gel.
As you can tell from the picture above, I clearly failed! 
To finish up my eyes I applied a coat of my favourite mascara, Covergirl Lashblast.

On my face: 
I applied Mac's Studio Finish concealer, to cover up my dark under eye circles and on any imperfections I have. To set everything I used Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.
Afterwards, I contoured my face with Nars Laguna Bronzer and brushed Mac's Warmth Of Coral (from their Semi Precious collection) on the apples of my cheeks. 

On my lips: 
I simply lined my lips with Mac's Lip Pencil in Dervish and dabbed on some of Estée Lauder Pure Gloss in the colour 02 (it has been discontinued, the closest colour they sell now is Tempting Tearose) on the center of my lips.

C ' e s t  C a ! 

We had such a blast! I'm seriously starting to feel this whole party girl vibe all over again! 
What did you girls do last weekend? 



The Neon Hallway

I already gave you a tiny peek at how I how redid part of our hallway in an earlier outfit post (if you missed it, click here). 
Nevertheless, I wanted you to see the beautiful artwork in it's entire awesomeness!

The writing is actually neon pink! I seriously need to get a better camera! Tips and donations are more than welcome. :)
A close up of my men. 
Dudes, You rock my world!
In the middle of a tired and annoyed state of mind.

You got sucked in? dying to do something similar? Way to go!!!
I'll take you through it step by step:
  • You'll need a selection of different brushes, acrylic paint in your desired colours, a pen, a beamer and a lot, a lot, a lot of patience and time on your hands.

  • First you will need to project the image on the wall you chose and trace the lines with a pen. 
  • Now you can get down on this bad boy. Knock yourself out!

I hope I got you inspired! 
Have a good one :) 

ps: A BIG thank you to my friend, Lorenz who lend me his beamer and Miki for helping me paint the group of men. It was a blast!


Lunch Date

On friday my bf and I went for lunch at a great great little restaurant I almost forgot about, 

I had the curry-coconut-lentil soup and a variation of different salads.

The best cupcake I have ever had! 
You need to know, I'm very picky when it comes to food! Actually, I'm very picky about everything and anything.  
Soo annoying! -I know! 
Nevertheless, they have the best cupcakes in town. I really don't like when the actual cake is as dry as my best friend's cat humor and the topping so buttery it tastes like something you expect McDonalds would try to make you eat. 
NO - This cupcake was just right! fyi, I'm drooling over my desk as I'm writing this. 

Their opening hours are kind of weird though. 
Mo-Fr: 11.00 - 16.00
I would recommend going there as early as possible, their cupcakes sell out quite quickly.

Hiddenkitchen is located in the first district (Wien 1., Färbergasse 3) and their menu changes every week. 
They serve mostly healthy food and also offer a great variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from, for all you veggies out there. YAY! 
You can take away, stay and order to locations for special events - however you like.  
As far as the price point is concerned, it's not necessarily student friendly (their target group is definitely employees from the offices nearby) but it's also not breaking anybody's bank. 
On a dollar scale from 1 to 5: $$   

For more informations and this weeks menu click here.
Now, If you will excuse me, I'm starving from all this writing about food, I need to cook myself something really tasty!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!




Sunnies - Ray Ban/ Blazer - Zara/ T-shirt & Skirt - H&M/ Heels - Zara

I don't know what's going on with the weather lately! I woke up from the wind that was causing my open windows to rattle. Hello weather, didn't you notice it's already july? 
So, I threw on a skirt and a boyfriend blazer. Probably my favourite way of wearing a skirt, as it gives something so feminine a bit of an edge. 

What do you like to pair your skirts with?



Dinner Date

 Choker necklace and Dress - H&M / Clutch - Vintage

all lovey dovey 

My bf invited me out for dinner. He surprised me by taking me to a restaurant I always wanted to go to.
 Literally always - since I was 8 years old and first heard about it. :D 
What a great surprise!
We went to the danube tower, which is quite a cool location. You dine on top of vienna (about 150 meters from the ground) while having the most spectacular view as the restaurant rotates 360° in 25min. 
As far as food and service goes, the waiter could have been a lot friendlier. You could also call this the Viennese charm, if you want to be real positive about things. 
They offer typical austrian food (pork medallions, veal cutlet and so on, sadly they only offered one vegetarian dish) that was totally overpriced for the way it was prepared and tasted. 
While waiting for our main course, my bf and I started talking about what a shame it is that this place is manly tourist trap. We were imagining being able to totally revamp the restaurant and hiring an amazing staff to tap the full potential.

If you ever visit vienna, definitely don't miss out on the danube tower! 
The view is amazing and if you feel thirsty or hungry I would much rather recommend going to the café. It is located on the level beneath the restaurant.

Afterwards we went to Wein&CO for a chocolate tarte and some wine. 
They have THE BEST chocolate tarte and I always enjoy going there!!!! 


Mac Lipstick give away - CLOSED

Thank you all for the great comments! 
They were so helpful!

As one of my lovely followers suggested, I will incorporate more of the places I like to hang, eat and drink in to my blog.
I wasn't even aware of how much you guys enjoyed my beauty pictorials. I will totally do more of those!
A great idea that was also recommended to me was structuring my blog in weekly topics. I think I will do that now and then. I just don't want to hold on too tight to one concept as I want my blog to be more of a fun, random adventure. I hope you guys understand!

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog! 
I'm always very exciting to read your comments and get your opinions on things!

I was looking at my apartment inspiration file earlier.
Yes! There are a ton of unicorn floating, standing, flying, running and pooing around at my place!
Always great fun hanging with them ;)


PS: The winner already received an email and I can't wait to buy the lipstick she picked :)



I'm heading out for a casting. I usually always forget taking pictures 'cause I'm stressed out about getting there too late. 
Which is also the case right now... 
So I'm gonna get going. Maybe I'll even make it to a quick figure skating practice! 

big sry for the poor quality! 
photo booth was just the fastest option ;)

Shirt - Zara, Belt -Vintage, Jeans - Bershka, Bracelet - scrunched from my dad, Ring - gift from my bf

I hope you have an amazing day! 
Whoops I can see the Sun peeking through! :D 
YAY! Pray the weather will stay like this for my birthday!


Nooo! I'm so late now!



How cute is that?! 

That picture was taken on one of the days where I was trying to hunt down 500ml turquoise fabric paint, fyi still no success. :( 
I was strolling around, in the second store that was recommend to me, while waiting for the lady to take me upstairs to their mini selection of fabric paint in the tiniest pots I have ever seen. 

What it is? 
Yeah, right! It's a baking dish that will make your cake look like chopped off Hello Kitty heads. 
Kinda neat! 
....and btw that's coming from a person that doesn't even like Hello Kitty. 
I want it!!!



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

...damn you don't look fly! 

I hate that mirror! I don't even know what happened on the day I bought it, I was probably going through sever loss of eyesight only affecting my ability on deciding whether something is beautiful or not. 
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of what I wore that day, probably something disturbingly hideous. 
I am very sorry - I know it would have made you're day!

So here is a short pictorial of what I did to fix this big big mistake!

  • You will need to buy some crepe tape, a roll of paper to cover the mirror, depending on the size of the mirror a couple cans of primer and the actual spray paint, a little mask (very important as the spray is very toxic!!!).

  • Cover the floor and the mirror with the paper, afterwards tape the edges where the mirror and the frame meet very precisely. 

  • Now for the fun part: whip out your primer and prime that ugly piece of frame. After the primer is completely dry go in with your spray paint. 
    Note: I would actually recommend doing this part outside or in the garage. Something (I guess in english) called spray-mist or spindrift (Sprühnebel in german) went all over the place, much further than I covered the floor. Removing the stain from the floor actually took me an incredible amount of time. 
  • When the paint is completely dry, it's time to remove the paper and the tape. Et voilà, a B E A U T I F U L  mirror was born, at least if you like huge corny mirrors.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little pictorial and will redo an ugly piece of furniture as well! 
It almost 2am so I guess, HAPPY SUNDAY "FELLERS"!



Peek @ My Week

I am so sorry for the lack of posts! 

This was one crazy-ass-week. 
(IKEA, hardware stores, a couple of days hunting down fabric paint and neon pink paint/varnish - which ended up being semi-successfull, figure skating practice and much much more....)
You'll see in a second.'s still kinda giving me whiplash!

This weeks motto was "do as many things you hate doing and have a blast!"

- The greatest way of starting a week! the more I think about - YUK!!!!!
- I literally screamed "Make love to the lawnmower! DO IT NOW!" - Quite disturbing to watch the entire scene. For others, not for me!
- My friend dared me to go in there. After I managed to get in I dared him to fit in there as well. Unfortunately there is no embarrassing picture of that. 
- Me being pushed around in this baby wheelchair @ IKEA
- I got new blades and fell pretty hard. 
- A peek @ an upcoming post! Can you guess what my boyfriends sister and I were doing?

How was your week?

Now, if you excuse myself, I'm going to pass out on the couch cuddling a bowl of couscous and looking like a drunk person. 


ps: a special shout out to my friends (Conrad, Miki & Crazy Carla) who helped me. 

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