"These violent delights have violent ends 
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder."
                                                                    William Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet

You're probably thinking - what's up with her dramatic entrance? 
Is she going Naomi Campbell on someone, or what?

I n h a l e . 
E x h a l e . 
I won't be blogging from jail anytime soon. 
..well at least I'm not planning to. Although, I would be interested in reading a jailbirds blog. Any suggestions? 

Back to my dramatic entrance. 
I spent the entire Monday at the national library working on a monologue and reading "Romeo and Juliet." 
Hence the tendency to immoderate exaggeration and a insatiable lust for romance and swordplay.
Especially swordplay.
I also started dropping lines such as "kiss thy hand gracious lady"* in every day conversations. I was hoping too find my friends startled but they are just too used to my many different accents and personas I like to put on.

The indian summer turned way to abruptly into something less beautiful and more brutal aka windy and cold. 
Time to dust off my favourite boots!
I bought them in fw09 and I still love them as much as I did when I first saw them.
Talking 'bout love at first sight, hugh? 
They just vamp up any outfit. 
Like a vulgar mega wonder bra, just without the fuzz and the knockouts.   

Scarf - Pieces / Tee & Bracelet - F21 /  Blazer & Coat - ZARA / Leather Shorts - H&M Trend / 
Boots - Vigneron, I think they do them every year  

...and then there is a picture of our beautiful city hall at sunset *sigh*

"Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow."

*in german: Küss die Hand gnä' Frau. 


One lovely Blog Award

A couple months ago I've been nominated from the lovely girls of Lady Fashion, Oui? and Miss Delirium for this blog award. 

And what did I do? 
I had no idea what to write about myself. So I delayed it. For almost exactly 3 months. 
I'm ridiculous!
Wait a minute.  I could write that in the section below...
Now erase that information from your hard drive, so I can re-implant it at a later stage.

Where was I? 

What an honor! 
A big thank you again to Ines and Delirium.

7 things about me: 

1. I'm ridiculous - Hah!
2. I've been contemplating on whether or not I should get myself a pair of Louboutins for almost a year now. 
3. I have a vivd phantasy. My blog doesn't even do it the slightest justice. 
In real life there are only a few people who really get me. 
4. I have a strong opinion about almost everything. 
5. When I'm on my own, I'm always having the best time listening to Debussy while going for a walk and looking at architecture.  
6. I'm passionate about so many things, it's surreal. I'm not quite sure If that's normal. But than again what is?
7. My full first name is Michaela. My mom used to call me Ela when I was little. 

My Blog Nominations:

For the one Lovely Blog Award:

-thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
- copy and paste the logo in your blog.
- share 7 things about yourself.
- nominate 15 other great bloggers.
- comment and let them know of the award.



NOWHERE - is now here

First.    Let me strike up a casual conversation with you guys. 
What's shaking? 
How are you're pets and clothes doing? 

Second.    I bet everyone has already heard about it - NOWHERE has officially launched their online store. 
cool, hugh? 

We're looking at my favourite picks and at...
classic cuts with a sportive twist and slightly edgy accessories. 
Nothing particularly mind blowing BUT easy to seamlessly incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. 
Nevertheless, I've been quite hesitant about writing this post 'cause what I've been most excited about isn't available for purchase yet. 
can you guess it? 

...and the clutch.

I expected something that would shoot me to the moon and straight back form the Nhu Duong-Elin Kling Duo. 
Unfortunately that didn't happen - It did tickle a little shopaholic-jump out of me, though.
What do you rocker-chicks think?

I would like to apologize for my rather awful commenting habits! 
I read them all very carefully with great joy. 
I'm keeping an eye on you, kiddos. 



Smell Me

I just got myself a new perfume. 
I won't tell you what scent I got. Just the brand! 
Isn't that nerve racking and mean to the point where it's evil? 
I think a perfume is something so personal. 
Comparable with you're delicates...


I'm very picky when it comes to perfumes. A perfume should reflect my personality and elongate the experience of my presence to another sense.  
Over the past year, I've noticed a change in my personality. Naturally I didn't find my perfume quite suitable anymore. 
I experienced a lot of dizziness and headaches from smelling too many different perfumes in store and a decent amount of frustration from the combination: me (who doesn't know how to describe scents) + sales people (who obviously didn't get my pointless stammering).

And then I found it! 
sensual - provocative - edgy

Everyone should take a good couple of sniffs at Jo Malone. 
You'll find yourself surprised by their diversity and uniqueness. 

H A P P Y  W E E K E N D !




 There are two different types of men out there. 
1) The most common type is the kind of guy who has specific failures in, let's say, interpersonal communication and appearance.
And now, beware!  
2) There is another type of guys, that just fails across the board. I'm talking about humor, behavior, self confidence which apparently often results in big-headed jerks, unicity, charm,... You name it, they'll fail. 
Surprise! Surprise!
Apparently I'm a magnet for exactly those dreaded guys. 

I have literally told everyone AND their mother this story. I have no clue why I haven't told you!

So here you go, but first you'll have to watch this. Or else you won't have a single clue of what I'm talking about! 

So on with the story,...

A couple months ago, I was in deep need for some distraction. My dear friend Catalina proposed a party hosted by friends of her I didn't know. 
I started talking with this guy. It was the type of crazy casual conversation I often find myself having with total strangers. But then he got a little - let's say weird. 
Naturally I backed up taking two steps. -He followed. 
I took a another two steps backwards. -He took three. 
Shortly there was no space left to back up. I was squished against the wall and maaan was he to close. 
I was thinking of a nice way to unwind myself from this situation. Quite frankly, there is no! 
Just imagine me saying: "Dude there is NO WAY I'll ever be drunk enough to have a conversation with you without constantly thinking - Seriously? ...WTF?- !" 
Funny? Yes! 
Considerate? No! 
That's when Jenna's video crossed my mind! I was perfectly fine with giving him the impression that I'm the strangest woman he has ever met. Hence, I was sold! 

He took a zip of his drink. I saw my chance. I pulled the face!!! 
The reactions she described all set in. 
The surprise. The laughter. Even the sudden surprise when he realizes that the hot girl in the mini skirt in front of him just turned into the creepy chick from "The Ring".
I was too pleasantly surprised! I couldn't hold it back. It just burst out of me and I started laughing. 
So he started laughing. I realized how fatal my reaction was, so I pulled it again. 
He kept laughing. So I started laughing again. 
And so on... 
So, I lost the scary moment and ended up saying: "Dude I really gotta go and find this one friend who is supposed to be here...." 

The End! 
...of this story and the beginning of the next. 

A couple weeks after my birthday I was, again, in deep need for some distraction, preferably including one of my female friends, a couple of cocktails and some "serious" boy-talk. 
Hence, there was no escaping for my friend Nina whom I dragged to a casual beach bar. Tipsy-boys-talk, partly totally absurd, partly some what realistic and serious, topped of with a tiny bit of black humor and bad ass trash talk. 
At least until we realized that two guys were watching us waiting for the "right" moment to come over. I guess they thought the "right" moment was when the object of desire realizes that they exist. 

Dam. Dam. Dam. Daaaaaaa - Their feet went. 

                                        The dudes: "would you like to come sit with us?" 
                                        The chicks: "Naaaah...."
                                        The dudes: " Are you sure? We're from the Netherlands and it's my homie's last night here..."
                                        The chicks: "Oh! ....still NO! We are having a serious boy talk right now."
                                        The dudes: "Well, would you like to have a guys opinion on it? I mean we're guys..."
                                        The chicks: "No thanks." 
                                        The dudes: "Come sit with us when you're done!" 

And off they went until....

Dam. Dam. Dam. Daaaaaaa - Their feet went AGAIN. 
adding a *krrrrr -rrr* and a *klack* as they sat down snappily.

Oh dear! How can I make them leave and have fun while doing so. 
Right! Nina and I have to do THE face! 
Damn it! She doesn't know it. I'm on my own.... 

...and on my own I started laughing. 
I pulled the psycho girlfriend laugh, the scary witch, the evil mass murderer and the dull laugh of a dude who thinks his looks are beyond breathtaking. I even pulled the hysterical laugh you'd imagine a 13teen old pubescent gossip girl doing while spreading new rumors about Justin Bieber. 
Oh, I pulled them all and even more bizarre noises that could fall under the predicate 'laughing', for fifteen minutes straight! 
If I didn't know myself, I would think that there must be something seriously wrong with me.
Even Nina looked at me with like a startled deer on a highway.

(Something inside of me is yelling: "don't go there! Don't go there!" But I'm going there...) 

As a man, I would be horrified of combinations such as:

That psycho chick + sharp objects of any kind + my jewels  

Something that might be worthwhile waisting one horny thought. 
Just saying.

GOOOOSH! What's wrong with you men?


Ps: I hope I got the story telling right! 
Are you rolling around on the floor with the stitch while pumping your arms and legs in the air? 
'Cause I know for sure that I've never managed to tell the story quite right. As I was constantly hugging the floor, gasping for air ON MY OWN! 

Happy to share the laughter!


Has anyone gone mad yet?

COS has launched their online shop!
I can finally stop feeling sorry for myself, for not living in one of the five lucky countries where COS had opened their puristic doors for their elegance lusting costumers. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.
Well, hello?! I sense I'm gonna have one of THOSE theatrical days again... Please just bare with me. 

COS is a subsidiary from H&M which enables haut fashion for an affordable price.
The COS-Girl is strong and independent. She likes being aware of trends, yet doesn't chase them and is no fashion victim by any means.

Simple Cuts, elegance and high-end Materials dominates COS's signature. 
Puristic, clean, timeless but not pedestrian.

A peek at their FW11 Lookbook. Pictures via COS.

Here is the link to their online shop.

Knock yourself -and maybe even their server- out!



I wear BLACK until there is something darker

Now to make this post more enjoyable for all those colour fanatics among us, I'll take you on a spin. 
Here I come head to toe dipped into the colour wheel.

I feel dizzy and a little high on sugar. I should probably drop those jelly beans.
Of course I had to get sick at work (e.g. me in lingerie versus the A/C or me versus fake rain) which left me spending last week horizontally, hugging my blanket, only alternating between my bed and the couch 
AND -probably the only positive thing- watching The Big Bang Theory. 
So far for an exciting update on my life. 

I love wearing black! 
If I had to choose one colour or non-colour in this case to wear for the rest of my life, it would probably be black. 
The only catch? 
There is no way I'll wear black on a hot summer day, so I'd probably have to end up flashing everyone who crosses my path. Hmm...that actually sounds like a lot of fun but I'm certainly not brave enough for that. 
- So, that's not an option either.
Good thing the temperature dropped, no ones eyesight will get hurt and I can wear black from head to toe without hot flashes.
To give this look an even stronger impact, I added a touch of an uniform-feel with the pointy shoulder pads of the blazer and the silver caps of the heels. 

Blazer, Blouse & Shoes - ZARA /  Leather Shorts - H&M Trend / Stud Bracelet - Forever21

What's your favourite colour when it comes to clothes? 




Lately I've been swamped with work. 
LUCKY ME. I'm very thankful but so tired and oh-so sorry for the lack of posts. 
I can't wait for a weekend with nothing else on my to-do list other than 'NOTHING'. Well, in that case I will probably have got to tell you the funniest story. I feel kinda selfish for not sharing a piece of the extatic laughter it caused.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any time taking pictures of outfits let alone giving you a deeper insight into Fall Fashion. 
And then there is already SS12 screaming for attention... Yikes! 
Anyways, I figured I would give you a quick insight on what yesterday looked like from my perspective.

A peek of what I wore.

 Part of the amazing crew.
super professional, nice and very caring.

His pimped Suzuki from the 80's.

I find great joy in things as stupid as snails on a wall... 

...or creative musicians.

Now if'll you excuse me, my last call time was at 4.30am and I finally want to give into passing out. 
ZZZZZZzzz... zzz

Good Night! 

the snorer


30092011 ROAR...

I love cats! 
Everyone who knows me also knows about my strong affection for cats, dogs and little kids. 
As long as they don't whine or bark. In that case I kinda despise them. In fact I consider it great fun to talk to dogs and kids that I come across, especially if I don't know them. 
I don't understand why people think that this behavior is abnormal or annoying. 
I think it's a perfectly normal thing to do!

Anyways, a couple of days ago I found this dress at Zara. 
I was almost ecstatic, hugging the dress and joyfully jumping around. What an allergy friendly option!
I am well aware that the print is showing a tiger and not a cat. But I planned my outing of the future me, a crazy 50 year old lady with a ton of cats, possibly throwing with wasps and mosquitoes, at a later date. 
Hence, walking around with a huge cat on my dress - NOT a wise option. 
On the other hand, Walking around with a tiny tiger -  A very good option and a little brainteaser for all the smarties amongst us!

Dress & Shoes - ZARA / Sunnies - Ray Ban / Bag - A present from South Africa / Wings Ring - Topshop

For some reason I can't find it online. To see the brother of this dress click here.



F*** Work.

Let's Dance!

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Campaign, by Steven Meisel.

The pictures are amazing but wait till you see how they were achieved!

B r a v o ! 

I order everyone to bust out their moves! 
D O  I T  N O W !




As most of you know I spent the last week in Salzburg sunbathing, relaxing, downing a couple glasses of great wine here and there and peeking at a few fashion shows online. 

All reasons for the lack of posts on my behalf.
In the meanwhile everyone and their mother must have been spamming the heck out of our great blogosphere! 
I have about 150 unread posts?! 
It makes me look like myself on my 17th birthday when I tried on the granny underpants my dear friends handed to me in the most festive manner. And even worse, I feel a tiny bit bitter inside as I missed out on, what seems to be, an exciting game.
I hate missing out on exciting games! In fact I've never played a drinking game and I assume they're fun.
B O H O O !

The good news?
I'm back! - Blogosphere watch out.

On to what the core of my blog is supposed to be...
Yup, not rambling. 

It was the perfect ending of a hot-hot day at the lake. It was still warm so I decided to throw on a skirt, a short sleeved jumper (I always freeze. It's 25°C and I will eventually freeze.) and dragged the fella to a nice restaurant for dinner.

I love combining roughly knitted jumpers with leather. It kind of tones down all the sexy vibe that comes with wearing leather.

Sweater - No Name / Skirt & Shoes - Zara

H A P P Y  P I Z Z A - W E D N E S D A Y  E V E R Y O N E !



On my Screen

The lakes are screaming my name loud and clear but I'm captivated by all things fashion that the internet offers.
I'm glued to the screen, squared-eyed and what not.
...probably until someone offers me a banana split or a glass of wine. 




for everyone who hates Mondays..

If there was a fire in our building, this would be the one outfit I would safe. 
If I were only allowed to own one outfit to sleep, live and party in - this would be the one I would choose.
If I had a signature outfit, this would be it!

Simple, comfy, relaxed with a hint of grunge - no need to say more.

Top, Pants & Shoes - Zara / Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company / Foldable Wayfarer - Ray Ban / Bra - AA / 
Bracelet - from my beloved Daddy-o 

The background: 
I was walking around on the upper platform of the Albertina, one of the greatest museums in Vienna. Amongst other things like Monet and Picasso they are also exhibiting the photographic Society in Vienna from 1861 to 1945 (I'm especially excited to have a look at that). Have a look at their current exhibitions here.

Behind me you can see a couple historical buildings. 
1. Picture: a Statue of Emperor Franz Joseph, Austria's last Emperor and behind that the famous Sacher Hotel.
2. Picture: A peek of the national library. A place I used to spend most of my time at. 
3. Picture: the impressive State Opera.

What's your favourite/signature outfit? 




I'm on my way to Salzburg *YAY*
 I figured I would show you a quick snap of the flats I bought yesterday.
I went to Zara just to have a look at the new collection and to see if they had any plain and simple sandals. When I was about to leave the store I saw these flats. Now they definitely aren't simple in the truest sense of the word but when I picked them up I saw that they were marked down from 50€ to 15€. 
Seconds later I found myself at the check out paying for bright yellow and studded sandals.

A lot of people think that the sales are over as soon as the new collections are hitting the sores and taking over most of the space with great impact. That's not entirely true. They still go on but you have to go to the right stores! 
Every city has a, what I call, big-bossy-pants-store. When the hysteric sales are approaching the end all the little stores start supplying the “big-bossy-pants-store”.

Which is why I've got some advice for you. 
You should take one last stroll through your “big-bossy-pants” sale section. 
You might be surprised of how many beautiful pieces will find their way into your beloved wardrobe.




Yesterday, I went for lunch with some friends. So guess what?! The pictures above weren't taken by a stranger but by my dear friend Crazy-Carl! I guess that's a challenge I'll have to conquer another day. 
Anyways, She's so good at this - I decided to propose her a shady business deal. From now on she'll help me out with my pictures every once in a while and I'll pay her in manicures and pedicures! 
Tomorrow we will meet up so I can "minx-up" her toes. - Don't know what I'm talking about? Click HERE!
This is the greatest idea ever. Usually I always have to force people into stuff like this, e.g. my bf but that's another story. 
Thank you Crazy-Carl, you might regret this in the near future <3

I love the jeans on jeans look, especially if the colour slightly differs from one piece to the other.
I popped on my caramel leather jacket as I wanted to add a touch of warmth to the look without the obvious cozy warm feel some materials have to them (e.g. the loosely knit structure of a jumper).
I was running around the city wearing Nike sneakers but for Castings I changed into my nude peep-toes.

Leather jacket - ZARA / Shirt - H&M / Jeans - Acne / Nude Pumps - Pura Lopez
 Oh and the silver rings are also from H&M, I recently got about a million of those for just 5€. 
What a fashionable steal!




I'm off to some castings / go&sees, appointments, to do's and get to's.
If I have enough time, I'll definitely make friends with a stranger and ask her/him to take a quick snap of my outfit. 

I hope everyone is making the most of this beautiful day! 
Talk to you later, kiddos :) 



06082001 Finally

A couple days ago I was invited to an event called MODE TALKING which was presented by peng! magazine. 
I knew a couple of my kiddos would be there, so of course my saturday night plan was to hop into a semi-comfi outfit and unleash the crazy jibber jabber. 
The music was great and the location - the beautifully renovated pool area of Volksgarten - splendid.  I had a really good time talking to friends and workmates, I usually only get to hang out with every so often. Since we all travel quite a bit it appears quite challenging to keep in track with each others lives. 

Now for the outfit
I love combining delicate, sheer, flowy materials with rather rough materials.
To dress it up or down I either pop on a pair of pleasurably masochistic heels and jewelry OR I just throw on some sneakers. 

Shirt - ZARA / Jeans - ACNE / Shoes - Zara / Bracelet - Some random shop in Lisbon



Toe the Line

5 for silver, 6 for gold, 7 for a secret never to be told *

 As most of you may have noticed, I don't like drawing a lot of attention to my beautiful hands. 
I prefer having all eyes on my thoughtfully deformed feet! 
I wanted to post a close up.
Then I realized, there might be a discreet foot fetishist among us. Supposedly, it's quite easy to scare them away, like cats. - Easily found but hard to keep relaxed and drolly-jolly. 
(If you are a foot fetishist: I am not saying that you are a cat. just cat like. I love cats! Chances are, I might love you too!)
Anyways, I decided not to risk anyone running to the next trash can with haste!

I just wanted to show you my diy minx nails!
Although, I applied the Essence nail fashion sticker (~2€) the no-no way they still look pretty fierce after the third day. 
I would definitely recommend watching Lisa Eldrige's short tutorial as I find the instructions on the actual packaging incomplete. 

The only things I did different were a, I used a blow dryer rather then one of the many infrared light lamps that are hanging out in our apartment (jk) and b, I found filing off the excess foil way too annoying so I simply chopped it off using a kitchen knife. Alright you caught me. That sounds way to nifty and badass to be me, I used an ordinary scissor. 

Has anyone of you ever tried giving yourself or a friend a minx makeover?

oh! and btw I just goggled foot fetish and apparently they have their on pornographic (I don't know if that word even applies in that case) youtube version.
Oh dear world wide web, you make me smarter and smarter every day!
What would I do without all that pointless information?
What would YOU do without it?   

  * this week I attended a conetmporary class (the teacher was Jed O'Grady)  in the scope of Impulstanz.
We choreographed a piece about and around the number 7. 
This was one of the quotes we used.


I want

a 9 year old's birthday party on my nails!
See, even Coco is shocked.

For years I've been dreaming of having a pink room filled with nothing else but tons and tons of glitter to drown in and to play around with. And I want - NO, I demand some type of compensation for every year I have to spend waiting for this dream to come true!

Last year on a hot hot summer day in Barcelona I decided to buy a couple of Mac glitters. Later that day, I wanted to do my eye makeup using one of them. I popped it right open and seconds later I found myself spellbind by all the glitter floating around the bathroom. I watched it gasping some indefinable sounds with delight while smiling from ear to ear. 
The saddest and most beautiful glimmer moment ever!
Obviously we had to delay our dinner plans 'cause I was too busy fooling around in bedazzle heaven.

One year has passed and I am glitz-desperate!
And as we all know - Whatever Lola want's, Lola get's.  (kinda)

And then I saw this...
Deborah Lippmann's nail polish in Happy birthday, a more compact and less absurd version of the ultimate-glitzyglam-overkill-room. This beautifully designed bottle is jam-packed with a ridiculous amount of metallic confetti. Two coats of this and you'll be able to walk around in a paper bag and unwashed hair without anyone noticing. 
How great and convenient is that?
(btw. If you try this and my thesis fails, I am not liable for any loss of your social status. But I would be more than happy to receive your pictures)
I need little kids messing around with soap bubbles and cake on my toes, preferably with a pink base coat beneath it!

How well developed are your glitter-genes? 
Are they badass like mine?


Ps: Just in case you also happen to have trouble finding deborah, I think after shipping and handling House of Fraiser is the cheapest way of getting you hands on some bottled up party.  


Someone is hunting Me!

The last time our landline phone rang was about 4 years ago. 
Something went wrong and all of a sudden no phone calls got through.
We got used to it. People trying to reach us got used to it. 
Everything was fine!

Yesterday night at 4.21 am I woke up imaging a loud ear-piercing noise. Some jerk decided to call the landline and surprisingly, i t  w o r k e d ! 
The person did not hang up after the 5th ring - probably the most annoying character trait!

I started to totally freak out!
The type where you are too scared to run around in circles screaming.
I had to think of a good solution!

Solution #1: Hide under the blanket. - FAIL! As I said before the person must have been quite determined to scare the heck out of me. 

I don't use this word very often. Maybe I do. 
Not in posts anyways. But I feel like I need to give you a full impact on how angry and scared I was. 

Crazy thoughts strated to pop into my mind!

  • What is if it's the girl from the movie "The Ring" that finally wants to tell my that in 7 days I will die a horrific death? 

(Are you laughing? I hope not. I'm dead serious! I was 15 years old when I saw this movie. Half a year later I still showered with the TV on full volume, the shower curtain and bathroom door wide open and a bathrobe close to the shower - All so I could run as fast as I could as soon as I heard the creepy girl entering my home through the TV.)

  • What is if, it's a serial killer or someone who want's to rape me? And he/she is just calling to check if I'm on my own? 
  • What if, it's just a relative calling? But then again everyone who has this number knows that it "doesn't work!"

After what seemed to be the 20 ring, I decided that it had to be either the wicked chick or the serial killer calling!
Great conclusion, right?
I think so.

Solution #2: Pull the plug. - It worked. The ringing stopped for heck's sake!

I was able to go back to bed but not back to sleep.
I remembered that I had forgotten to lock the door. Not a good thing when you assume that there was serial killer calling for you a few seconds ago!
I dared myself to walk to the door and lock it.
Back to bed.

Still not back to sleep.
I gotta pee...

ps: you guys! I just googled "the girl from the ring" so I could post her image and the image of a serial killer below.
Not a good idea!
Now I'm back to being scared as s***! Think of those little babies from the movie Monsters Inc. 

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