The Neon Hallway

I already gave you a tiny peek at how I how redid part of our hallway in an earlier outfit post (if you missed it, click here). 
Nevertheless, I wanted you to see the beautiful artwork in it's entire awesomeness!

The writing is actually neon pink! I seriously need to get a better camera! Tips and donations are more than welcome. :)
A close up of my men. 
Dudes, You rock my world!
In the middle of a tired and annoyed state of mind.

You got sucked in? dying to do something similar? Way to go!!!
I'll take you through it step by step:
  • You'll need a selection of different brushes, acrylic paint in your desired colours, a pen, a beamer and a lot, a lot, a lot of patience and time on your hands.

  • First you will need to project the image on the wall you chose and trace the lines with a pen. 
  • Now you can get down on this bad boy. Knock yourself out!

I hope I got you inspired! 
Have a good one :) 

ps: A BIG thank you to my friend, Lorenz who lend me his beamer and Miki for helping me paint the group of men. It was a blast!

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