I am spending the next couple of days in beautiful Salzburg. 
The weather will most likely be rather bad, but I don't mind! 
I will just curl up in a combination of my bf and a fuzzy blanket, paired with a good book and hot cocoa.

I packed for all eventualities, at least I believe I did.
So, bring on the rain and clouds, I'm prepared and oh-so excited :)



Cookie hat gesagt…

I would like to ho on holidays too:)) Where are you going?

Ela hat gesagt…

I'm totally "feeling" you :)

I will mostly be traveling through Austria as it has been years since the last time. I will also be going to Mallorca or Croatia, but that will be a very spontaneous trip. In September I will probably be in Milano or Istanbul - a mixture of work an travel.

do you have any plans or suggestions?
where would you like to go :)

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