A floral picnic

Today my bf surprised me with a picnic, what a nice and thoughtful young man he is! 
As I was sitting on the picnic blanket, he mentioned how beautiful I looked (what a nice, thoughtful and CHARMING young man he is!).  
So he started taking pictures and they turned out quite beautifully (what a nice, thoughtful, charming and EAGER young man he is). 

Okay I'm gonna stop with that cheesy homage 'cause I know it can drive people crazy or make them sick to their stomach. I don't want either happening to you and I don't want having to pay the therapist or physician you might have to visit. If you feel some sort of anxiety please seek your alcohol cabinet, grab a glass and vodka and DRINK UP
If you feel something similar to a stomachache, drink some chamomile tea, it's not as much fun but it does it's job. ;)

Where was I? Right!
So they turned out looking quite beautiful and I thought to myself "you gotta post these!"
At the end of the day you guys signed up for make up tips and OOTD's and not for building DIY attempts and miseries. Since it is a big part of my live right now you might still stumble across a few posts here and there. I hope you can handle it ;)

I seriously need to stop rambling...
Here we go!

So much wind! Good thing I'm wearing thin shorts underneath. 

So I wouldn't necessarily call this outfit creative, extraordinary or even rich in personality BUT it is, never the less, fresh, cheeky whilst looking neat and beautiful in it's simpleness. 
I would totally ditch these shoes for some nude peeptoes and rock a casting!
  Another one bites the dust! 
Wow that sounds mean! I swear I'm a generously nice person :)

Glasses - Forever21
Dress - Zara
Belt - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Chloé 
Fingers - Catrice 240 Sold out for ever
Toes - OPI San Tan-tonio

Ladies, I guess it's time to turn some heads wearing your flowing dresses.


What NOT to do when painting your walls!

Painting your or someone else's walls, let's say, every other year does NOT make you a painting pro unless we're talking warpaint! 

(or mistakes I still do after my thousandth painting experience)

You can NOT wear your favourite clothes. You can paint naked, if you don't mind flashing you neighbors.

You can NOT skip taping edges, the floor etc thinking: "'s probably less work cleaning off the little splashes. I'll be fine!"   
NO! NO! NO! biggest mistake. You will feel some fine dizziness after spending several hours on the floor, with your best friend dispersion solvent, imitating Cinderella gone wild. That's as fine as it will get!

You can NOT walk on a ladder! You know how pro's can spread their legs so they are on each side of the ladder. It enables them to walk and paint corners at the same time. I know it's crazy, cool and YOU CAN NOT DO IT!  OK maybe you can if you are talented with ladders or stilts. Well I'm certainly not and the experience I made was NO fun so I would definitely say NO to trying it!

You can NOT NOT NOT take a tiny break, leave the battle field and abandon it to it's fate. 
Chances are you will fall a sleep ('cause painting is the second most fatiguing thing on earth, right after cleaning paint that decided to extend from the walls to everywhere else) and once you'll return to your favourite hobby everything will have dried. Getting dried up paint rollers and paint grids ready for work is so much work it's just not worth the hassle!

DO invite your friends. Everything is more fun with them. Screwing up is more fun, aggressions are more fun, finishing your work is more fun. 

DO prepare a game to cheer everyone up. Be creative, even a drinking game could ease up the work. 

DO blast your stereo and bust some moves! 

After all DO try to have fun. 
To me the most important thing is to learn having fun with things I don't necessarily enjoy doing.



Missed Me?

Hello! HELLO!
It's the girl who went missing. 

Well, I'm back!


Just a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this blog named IKEA Hackers and that's pretty much exactly when my new obsession started.
 If you haven't heard about it already, this blog is about the ideas of ridiculously creative and genius ikea-lovers. Somehow they always seem to come up with new ways of adapting, altering and diverting ikea furniture from their intended use into unique pieces of delightfulness.
I'm telling you those people are heavy hacking, it's intimidating, crazy. 
*mental curtsy right there*

So now that I've arrived in Vienna a couple of days ago I thought to myself, I'm gonna surprise my dad by redoing our apartment. I have already planned out most of the apartment so I can already tell you that I will blog about a few unique copies as well as me attempting to create my own hack, cross your fingers I won't tear down the walls.

As I wouldn't particularly consider myself as a dab hand at building DIY, I think that if I can find a way of making hacking happening, I'm sure you will too.

Here are a few inspirational pics.


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