Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

...damn you don't look fly! 

I hate that mirror! I don't even know what happened on the day I bought it, I was probably going through sever loss of eyesight only affecting my ability on deciding whether something is beautiful or not. 
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of what I wore that day, probably something disturbingly hideous. 
I am very sorry - I know it would have made you're day!

So here is a short pictorial of what I did to fix this big big mistake!

  • You will need to buy some crepe tape, a roll of paper to cover the mirror, depending on the size of the mirror a couple cans of primer and the actual spray paint, a little mask (very important as the spray is very toxic!!!).

  • Cover the floor and the mirror with the paper, afterwards tape the edges where the mirror and the frame meet very precisely. 

  • Now for the fun part: whip out your primer and prime that ugly piece of frame. After the primer is completely dry go in with your spray paint. 
    Note: I would actually recommend doing this part outside or in the garage. Something (I guess in english) called spray-mist or spindrift (Sprühnebel in german) went all over the place, much further than I covered the floor. Removing the stain from the floor actually took me an incredible amount of time. 
  • When the paint is completely dry, it's time to remove the paper and the tape. Et voilà, a B E A U T I F U L  mirror was born, at least if you like huge corny mirrors.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little pictorial and will redo an ugly piece of furniture as well! 
It almost 2am so I guess, HAPPY SUNDAY "FELLERS"!


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