Lunch Date

On friday my bf and I went for lunch at a great great little restaurant I almost forgot about, 

I had the curry-coconut-lentil soup and a variation of different salads.

The best cupcake I have ever had! 
You need to know, I'm very picky when it comes to food! Actually, I'm very picky about everything and anything.  
Soo annoying! -I know! 
Nevertheless, they have the best cupcakes in town. I really don't like when the actual cake is as dry as my best friend's cat humor and the topping so buttery it tastes like something you expect McDonalds would try to make you eat. 
NO - This cupcake was just right! fyi, I'm drooling over my desk as I'm writing this. 

Their opening hours are kind of weird though. 
Mo-Fr: 11.00 - 16.00
I would recommend going there as early as possible, their cupcakes sell out quite quickly.

Hiddenkitchen is located in the first district (Wien 1., Färbergasse 3) and their menu changes every week. 
They serve mostly healthy food and also offer a great variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from, for all you veggies out there. YAY! 
You can take away, stay and order to locations for special events - however you like.  
As far as the price point is concerned, it's not necessarily student friendly (their target group is definitely employees from the offices nearby) but it's also not breaking anybody's bank. 
On a dollar scale from 1 to 5: $$   

For more informations and this weeks menu click here.
Now, If you will excuse me, I'm starving from all this writing about food, I need to cook myself something really tasty!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!



Amy hat gesagt…

mmmmm looks so good! I really need to try that cupcake!!!!!!!!!

Caroline hat gesagt…

The dinner looks lush!

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