Has anyone gone mad yet?

COS has launched their online shop!
I can finally stop feeling sorry for myself, for not living in one of the five lucky countries where COS had opened their puristic doors for their elegance lusting costumers. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.
Well, hello?! I sense I'm gonna have one of THOSE theatrical days again... Please just bare with me. 

COS is a subsidiary from H&M which enables haut fashion for an affordable price.
The COS-Girl is strong and independent. She likes being aware of trends, yet doesn't chase them and is no fashion victim by any means.

Simple Cuts, elegance and high-end Materials dominates COS's signature. 
Puristic, clean, timeless but not pedestrian.

A peek at their FW11 Lookbook. Pictures via COS.

Here is the link to their online shop.

Knock yourself -and maybe even their server- out!



I wear BLACK until there is something darker

Now to make this post more enjoyable for all those colour fanatics among us, I'll take you on a spin. 
Here I come head to toe dipped into the colour wheel.

I feel dizzy and a little high on sugar. I should probably drop those jelly beans.
Of course I had to get sick at work (e.g. me in lingerie versus the A/C or me versus fake rain) which left me spending last week horizontally, hugging my blanket, only alternating between my bed and the couch 
AND -probably the only positive thing- watching The Big Bang Theory. 
So far for an exciting update on my life. 

I love wearing black! 
If I had to choose one colour or non-colour in this case to wear for the rest of my life, it would probably be black. 
The only catch? 
There is no way I'll wear black on a hot summer day, so I'd probably have to end up flashing everyone who crosses my path. Hmm...that actually sounds like a lot of fun but I'm certainly not brave enough for that. 
- So, that's not an option either.
Good thing the temperature dropped, no ones eyesight will get hurt and I can wear black from head to toe without hot flashes.
To give this look an even stronger impact, I added a touch of an uniform-feel with the pointy shoulder pads of the blazer and the silver caps of the heels. 

Blazer, Blouse & Shoes - ZARA /  Leather Shorts - H&M Trend / Stud Bracelet - Forever21

What's your favourite colour when it comes to clothes? 




Lately I've been swamped with work. 
LUCKY ME. I'm very thankful but so tired and oh-so sorry for the lack of posts. 
I can't wait for a weekend with nothing else on my to-do list other than 'NOTHING'. Well, in that case I will probably have got to tell you the funniest story. I feel kinda selfish for not sharing a piece of the extatic laughter it caused.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any time taking pictures of outfits let alone giving you a deeper insight into Fall Fashion. 
And then there is already SS12 screaming for attention... Yikes! 
Anyways, I figured I would give you a quick insight on what yesterday looked like from my perspective.

A peek of what I wore.

 Part of the amazing crew.
super professional, nice and very caring.

His pimped Suzuki from the 80's.

I find great joy in things as stupid as snails on a wall... 

...or creative musicians.

Now if'll you excuse me, my last call time was at 4.30am and I finally want to give into passing out. 
ZZZZZZzzz... zzz

Good Night! 

the snorer

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