Peek @ My Week

I am so sorry for the lack of posts! 

This was one crazy-ass-week. 
(IKEA, hardware stores, a couple of days hunting down fabric paint and neon pink paint/varnish - which ended up being semi-successfull, figure skating practice and much much more....)
You'll see in a second.'s still kinda giving me whiplash!

This weeks motto was "do as many things you hate doing and have a blast!"

- The greatest way of starting a week! the more I think about - YUK!!!!!
- I literally screamed "Make love to the lawnmower! DO IT NOW!" - Quite disturbing to watch the entire scene. For others, not for me!
- My friend dared me to go in there. After I managed to get in I dared him to fit in there as well. Unfortunately there is no embarrassing picture of that. 
- Me being pushed around in this baby wheelchair @ IKEA
- I got new blades and fell pretty hard. 
- A peek @ an upcoming post! Can you guess what my boyfriends sister and I were doing?

How was your week?

Now, if you excuse myself, I'm going to pass out on the couch cuddling a bowl of couscous and looking like a drunk person. 


ps: a special shout out to my friends (Conrad, Miki & Crazy Carla) who helped me. 

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