Inside my travel Makeup bag

is probably less than you would expect!
Yes! I prefer traveling on the light side. 
Never the less, no matter how well thought-out my intention is or how hard I try, I always seem to fail miserably.

 So inside my tiny makeup bag is: 
- Mac's Studio finish Concealer
- Essence's golden pencil from a former collection
- Mac's Technakohl Eyeliner in Graphblack
- Sigma's Short Shader Brush
- Covergirl Lashblast 
- The perfume I'm testing right now
- My melted Illamasqua Cream Blusher in the colour Rude
- Maybelline's DEFINE-A-BROW
- Maybelline's Great Lash
- Sigma's Tapered Highlighting Brush 
- A Kabuki Brush
- Mac's MSF natural
- Mac's Mineralize Blush in Warmth of Coral (from the Semi Precious Colour Collection)  

What do you like to take with you when you are going on a short holiday?


PS: Tomorrow I will be posting a very easy pictorial with the things I brought. 
So be on the look out for that!

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XOXO hat gesagt…

Kubuki brush is my favourite brush! Very small and nice thing. Maybelline mascaras are the best!

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