Sunnies - Ray Ban/ Blazer - Zara/ T-shirt & Skirt - H&M/ Heels - Zara

I don't know what's going on with the weather lately! I woke up from the wind that was causing my open windows to rattle. Hello weather, didn't you notice it's already july? 
So, I threw on a skirt and a boyfriend blazer. Probably my favourite way of wearing a skirt, as it gives something so feminine a bit of an edge. 

What do you like to pair your skirts with?



Sherrie Cola hat gesagt…

Love the colour of your blazer!

InesT hat gesagt…

Hello dear :D
I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog awards :D
So please check my blog for the informations

Have a beautiful fashionable day!
IT *

JEAN-PIERRE hat gesagt…

you look great here. love the length of the blazer

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