4 Steps from Day to Night

I do this simple look every time I decide to do something a little more fancy on whim. 
Those days where you could swear you wont feel like going out for dinner, drinks, the theater etc 
- just so you can have the adrenaline rush of changing your mind last minute.
I also wear this look on lazy nights out that usually end with my friends singing about how I'm the biggest party pooper. 
But HEY, Every party has it's pooper!

So here are the 4 steps I rush through whenever I feel surprisingly spontaneous
or more like a terribly lazy parody of myself. 

Let's assume our make up is still picture perfect, otherwise I would have to change the title to 
"9 Steps from day to Night!" 
This would suck majorly, as I believe that's an ugly number. Hence, you would have never clicked the link.
I wanted to save us all the pity, 'cause this look is just too simple and beautiful. 
No need to thank me ;)

All I added to my eyes was a bright gold highlighter to my inner corner and some black eyeliner which I winged out.
Afterwards, I put about a ton of blush on my cheeks, which is a totally reasonable thing to do at night. To add a pop of colour to my lips I used Mac's Cremesheen Glass in the colour Loud & Lovely. 
How Ironic! I would also describe myself as loud & lovely, I think most people would at least agree with loud. hahaha
The most important step is the finish! - a few spritz of my favourite perfume

V o i l à
I'm ready to go! 

I hope you guys try it!

Ps: for a detailed list of the products I used, click here.


V.V. hat gesagt…

hey there!!!
cool blog,keep on the work!!


sophisticate hat gesagt…

don't like - love "i want style"

daniela forsberg hat gesagt…

you're so gorgeous! loving your brows. haha.

Ela hat gesagt…

hahaha! Someone obviously read one of my previous makeup posts ;)

I'm happy you guys enjoy reading my blog! YAY!!
so so happy :D

have a great day!

XOXO hat gesagt…

Really nice eye-brows. Natural and with latin beauty.

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