I just had an amazing idea, at least I believe it is!
I will start writing a series of posts dedicated to all my broke girls out there, including myself!
(*hint* *hint* remember my little wish list post?)
So every other week I will post about an inexpensive alternative to look all -WHAM BAM- 
Whether it is skincare, hair, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, you name it...
Here we go!

Thrift Store
I've always tried to concentrate on not pulling a face out of disgust when somebody told me that their latest very hipster looking closet addition was from a thrift store. Seriously? YUK! I don't even want to know what the former owner, who obviously was very unsatisfied with the product as he/she didn't even try to sell it on ebay, did while wearing those clothes. I don't know, it just creeps the heck out of me. 
Don't get me wrong, kind Susie from next door who likes to play with soap-bubbles in her spare time, I don't mind...
...but him?
 hmmm? Not so much!

It's this time of the year (Carnival, Halloween...) where everyone is getting all hyper about their outrageously creative costumes and you still haven't found your's yet. You stumble across this surprisingly real looking Wonder Woman costume at a thrift store and you think to yourself -STRIKE-
Don't let yourself be fooled!
She might wore it before you did...

However, my friend Chris had the fabulous idea to take me and my friend Hilary to a thrift store. When we entered second hand heaven the store happily welcomed us with its keen smell. We spent about an hour digging through clothes nobody else seemed to love anymore and left the store with each one belt (and Chris also got a dress, I think).

Some might think that a belt is not worth mentioning but if it's a real leather belt from Express for, believe it or not, 4$ I think it is. I finally have my very own vintage belt without the guilty feeling from lending my dads belts without him knowing. 

Isn't it nice when you feel like you're slowly overcoming your fear even if the step is as little as a belt? 
I think thrift stores are a great way of getting things that are fashionable right now without them being expensive or screaming: "My Mummy bought me from H&M!" 
But the bras and knickers they sell? Heck no!!

What experiences did you have with thrift stores?

ps: make sure to also comment below for requests ;)


A "little" Wish List

I've been so good the entire month and then -BOOOM- the dark side of the consuming world also known as the 24/7 online shopping opportunity put another one of their intoxicating and wallet poisoning spells on me. 
Welcome to my never ending shopping list of things I keep telling myself I can not live without...

Both from Pleasure Doing Business
The skirt on the left I already gave in and ordered it; the skirt on the right unfortunately already sold out

Either one

The price of the chairs jewelry stand is (unfortunately) a huuuuuge turn off.

also both from Urban Outfitters

 just imagen how sweet your dreams would really be!

the YSL turquoise arty enamel ring 
I've been wanting this ring for the longest time. In fact I've been debating too long (again) whether I can or can't live without it that now (basically since december) it seems like it's impossible to get a hold of in size 8. 

the Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Patent Pumps
Oh, how I wish I could call them my very own!!!

Chanel's classic quilted flap bag in patent calf


Chanel's classic quilted lambskin handbag
Uh! I really want one of those two. I'm actually leaning towards the first one. 

Sure thing, if I would really buy all of that right now or within the next month my wallet would probably try to run away and hide or do something suicidal to itself, like deliberately catch fire and explode. 
I will get a few of those things though. I'll slowly work or rather shop off my list from the less painful items to the really expensive ones, praying I wont get lost somewhere in between.

Oh! And if you are astonished that I didn't mention anything beauty related, I don't think that anyone would have the assiduity to actually read the longest and most random post about beauty products. In fact I don't even think I would have the assiduity to write this post 'cause I seriously want EVERYTHING when I walk into Sephora & Co.

What (outrageous) wishes do you have? 



I treat...

...myself with an eye treat!

Finding a good eye cream to me is always really hard!
I expect my eye cream to be really moisturizing, rather thick than too thin in consistency, calming, I want it to have a build in dark under eye circle eraser as well as a de-wrinlking effect. 

You might be thinking: "Wooow! Do you want a gold watch to go with it?"
But, hey! I'm 20 years old, my eye area looks pretty good and I want it to look exactly like that when I'm 40 and older, regardless all the late nights out, the damages the sun causes and all the pulling and tugging from (sometimes) careless makeup-artists. 

Ok. Maybe I do ask a little bit too much from those teeny tiny jars. 
Split my expectations in half: one night cream, the other day cream and here I go!

    27$ from Kiehls

Whats' the dealio?

The main ingredients, Avocado, Shea Butter and Beta-Carotene, transform this eye cream to a rich antioxidant eye treatment or even eye mask (the way I like to use it). The formula is quite thick and doesn't smell anything like the scary colour.
I love slathering a thick coat on at night by simply dabbing it on my under eye area. 
Something I've noticed right away was that once you've dabbed it on a little bit the consistency changes into something rather sticky and watery like. So I would definitely recommend ONLY dabbing it on other than doing those dabb-stroke motions. 
After a month of using this little jar of wonder I've noticed that even without applying it, my eye area doesn't feel as tight and thin (which we all know can cause pre-mature wrinkling. Scary - I know!).
I've also noticed that using a little bit in the morning as a base for my Mac's Pro Longwear Concealer leaves an overall smoother finish. 

I'm overall wowed! I think I will even buy another jar as a back up before I head back to europe. The price difference is just insane and a little bit of a turn off (27$ vs 40€)!
Just so you know, I'm still on the hunt for an outstanding day cream that covers a few more of my expectations. So look out for another one of those posts in a month or so. 

What do you look for in an eye cream?
Have you had any experience with this eye cream or any other eye cream by Kiehl's?
Is there any eye cream you would recommend me?




Today's plan was:  
-go to the agency to pick up some pictures from my latest shoots
-stroll around South Beach with my boyfriend (he arrived on wednesday. YAY!)
 -and later on hit the beach. 
So I decided to wear something really comfy and laid back.  

*Sunglasses: forever21
*Neckless: Thomas Sabo (5cm Anchor Pendant from their unisex collection)
*Shirt: H&M
*Pants: Hollister
*Beach Bag: H&M
*Shoes: Zara

Girls, I wish you all an amazing weekend!





I hope it made you lough as hard as it made me laugh!
I think I'll have to do that one time with my boyfriend! -Watch out for the video! ;)



Happy kinky Valentine's Day!

The funniest thing about this card and the main reason why I had to take a picture of it was because my boyfriends name is Valentin!

In all honesty, I think Valentines Day is one of the most unnecessary “Holidays”! 
Just think about it. It's one specific day where everybody runs out to get flowers, pralines, jewelry or what not just to remind ourselfs and our significant other how much we love him or her.
Now imagine how much more impact it would have if you would surprise your love on a random day just because you feel like it, not because a holiday tells you to do so or because you were fighting the night before.
There is no pressure involved no expectations you feel the need to surpass.
Non of that, just pure excitement and love!

One of my most fulfilling memories is how I got home one night (26th of Jannuary, 2010) after a long day at the library and found a cute little flower in front of my living room door with a note saying 
- I love you! Yours Vali :-) -
I was so happy that I jumped up and down (yes I really do that) and could not wait for my boyfriend, to be finished with the exam he was writing that day, to call him! ...By the way I still have his note.

My boyfriend will come to visit me in Miami on the 16th of February so don't get me wrong I do have a little surprise on my mind but it's not going to be anything outragous. I'll keep that for a day he won't expect anything special to happen ;)

So what's your opinion on Valentine's Day?
What will you do?
I will probably be giving my friends and bookers those pink donuts from Dunkin Donuts. I think they have a special going on, something like buy a gazillion and pay 10$.

Whatever you decide to do - Have a great day!!




An outfit of the day

I just got home from Dallas (Texas) where I was booked for a shoot when I received a text message from my booker saying that I had to go to a casting. Sure thing all I wanted to do is to stay in my sweats for the rest of the day, but duty called. 
I decided to wear something classic, clean and effortless. 

*Sweater: Forever21
*Blazer: Zara
*Jeans & Belt: Bershka 
*Shoes: Pura Lopez 
*Bag: Chloé

Enjoy your weekend! 
Go out! Stay in! 
Whatever you do have fun!! 



Colour? Naturally!

You feel like you could use a pop of colour? 
I got the perfect little "pictorial" (tutorial in pictures- got it? haha) for you! 

On my face: 
I started off by applying one pump of Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation on my face and Mac's Pro Longwear Concealer to cover up my under eye circles and any redness. Since I got a little tan and my foundation doesn't match perfectly I used Nars Laguna Bronzer to contour my cheeks, nose and temples. 
To add a little bit of colour to the apple of my cheeks I used Nars Luster Blush.

On my eyes:
To make sure that my eyeshadow stays in place I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion and roughly lined my eyes with NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in the colour Nr. 618 Purple which will act as a colour base. After I blended out the line with my ring finger I set it with Mac's eyeshadow in black tied. To blend out the harsh edges and pull up a little bit of the black tied I used Mac's soft brown and a fluffy blending brush. As you can probably tell from the picture I used the soft brown to create a faint cat eye effect. To pull the look together I used Mac's black track fluidline to line my my water line, tight line as well as my outer upper and lower lash line and applied two coats of Covergirl's Lash Blast Mascara.

On my lips:
I lined and filled in my lips with Mac's Magenta lip pencil to provide that the lipstick will last longer. Afterwards I dabbed Mac's lipstick in Girl About Town on my lips. This lipstick is very pigmented and has quite a glossy finish so I didn't feel the need to apply any gloss.

Overall I totally love this look! I usually always stick to brown and black eyeshadow when I use a bright pink lip stick. However, using the purple NYX Jumbo pencil gives a hint of colour peeking through the black eyeshadow without looking like a kiddo who had a little bit to much fun with mommy's make up.
This look is definitely a head turner and heart breaker, so maybe not quite Valentine's Day appropriate.

I wish you good luck and a lot of fun recreating this look at your next (special) occasion.
If you have any requests for make up looks, I'm more than happy to post a little "pictorial" for you! :)



Love! Love! Love...


This must be the prettiest dark nude in the entire world!
I think I fell in love with a nailpolish! ...No seriously!

I was just wandering around in Ulta, not really searching for anything in particular when "WHAM BAM" this beautiful nude nail polish decided to jump out of nowhere to brighten up my nail polish "obsessed" life! 

  OPI's "San Tan-tonio" is a tan nude with slightly more pink pigments than shown on the picture I just snapped. In my opinion it's the perfect everyday nail polish that let's you look chic and put together without screaming for attention.  There is one con though, it applies quite streaky and you will definitely need two coats to get an even coverage.  Nevertheless, I simply adore it! I guess I already made that clear in the headline. Well, whatever!

  OPI just recently came out with their Texas collection which consists of quite a big variety of shades, from all sorts of bubble gum like colours (pinks and oranges) to more "grounded" colours. 

So what do you think, ladies?
Will you pick anything up from their Texas collection?
I know I will have to go back to pick up another one of these "San Tan-tonio" bad boys as a back up!



Less is More!

(At least sometimes...)

Another night out = Another question!
 How do I get ready the fastest without...

a, looking like a hot mess
b, leaving a hot mess behind
c, feeling like a hot mess 
(as in "what the heck? The cab is already here and I still need to paint my nails?!")

My solution to keep the hot and ditch the mess:

On my face:
Same as in my last tutorial except for the blush. I replaced the Illamasqua blush with Mac's Fleur Power blush.

On my lips:
Mac's lipglass in Chai, a greyish nude which does a great job toning down the red pigments of my lips. 

On my eyes: 
I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion as a base and started off by packing on Mac's Eyeshadow in Wood Winked on my entire lid up to my brow bone. I applied Mac's Eyeshadow in Embark in the outer V-area and blended out any harsh edges by dipping my blending brush a teeny-tiny bit into Mac's Sumptuous Oive eyeshadow.
After that, I lined My water line, my tight line as well as my upper and lower lash line with Mac's Black Track Fluid Line and blended out the liner with the green eyeshadow I used earlier.
To top it all off I applied two coats of Covergirl's Lash Blast Mascara to my upper an lower lashes.

Et voilà! 

I hope you have great time experimenting or/and trying out this look!


Well, Well...

...look what I found on Lincoln Road (Miami) the other day!
The worlds smallest royal blue Speedo trying to ride up an old dudes ass.

I was walking on Lincoln Road running some errands when I realized that people in a chain reaction started laughing hysterically. I looked around me, desperately searching for something funny to proof that they weren't laughing at me! 
Suddenly I saw him! 
Lucky me (I guess) he stopped walking (yup walking! Guess riding a bike would ruin the outfit ?) so I took a quick snapshot.
I guess it's really true what they say, "ANYTHING goes in Maimi!"



Discovery of the Week!

Well - Hello(!), chrome pink Mercedes!
I guess you all understand that I HAD to stop to take a picture of it so I could share it with you! But the most extravagant and funniest thing about the car is not the actual colour but the license plate!
See for yourself...

"It's All About Me"

Hahaha - it's definitely one of a kind! 
So what do you think about this car?
Would you like to own it or trash it?


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