Peek @ Theyskens' Theory Resort 2012

Once again, I spent a couple of hours browsing around on
Obsessive? Compulsive? - For sure!
This time the belgian designer Olivier Theysken for the label Theory unleashed my crazy! It kind of feels like a tune that got stuck in my head and I can't do anything but sing it over and over and over again, which is exactly why I have to show you my favourite outfits.

this collection is a must-watch! so you must click ==>here<==
laid back - tough - delicate - cool - effortless

I love how edgy over all every piece looks without the obvious roughness. As opposed to using crass and harsh looking materials he used rather feminine, light weight and even delicate materials. The toughness consists (more or less) of all the cunning details (sharp angles, acid wash) and quirky tailoring. Olivier Theysken says: "The goal of the cutaways and collar slits was, to give jackets the ease of a cardigan without losing a shred of their edgy elegance.

I am definitely not a fan of prints, they just don't look right on me. Tribal prints are just an overkill on me and floral prints make me feel like a grown up women that wishes to be a flower girl all over again. -It's just not entirely my thing. BUT the way he incorporates edge and delicate prints (which were inspired by the painter James Ensor) into one outfit is genius and makes me rethink my opinion! 

Well done, Monsieur! 

I could totally wear nothing but this collection! 
I'm in love!

What do you think?



Celebrating YOU!

Hello my dear followers and bloglovers!
How are you doing? 
If you are doing fine - *imaginary upstairs*
If you aren't doing all that great today – Don't give up!! You're day is about to get a whole lot better!
  I kinda sound like a fortune cookie. Is that a good or a bad thing?

On sunday, I noticed that I have 43 Followers via and 7 followers via!
*looking across the room, while opening arms to the side and screaming: "HELL YEAH!"* 
If my kick ass math skills aren't failing me in this very moment, than I'm pretty sure that I've got 50 subscribers! 
(As of sunday, in the past few days 4 smart ladies were kind enough to hop on to our little fashion train. -Welcome you killer looking women!)

Let me get “straight” to the point.
I wanted to celebrate you, my dear readers, by doing a teeny tiny give away. Now don't frown – It's still as exciting as eating these fizzy thingy bobs and drinking coke at the same time.

I will be giving away a Mac lipstick!
One of the most favourite things I like to do (make up vice) is to wear a screaming lipstick. I assume that's because if my lipstick is screaming than I, for heaven sake,will be able to keep my mouth shut for at least 5 minutes straight - but I leave that to Freud to figure out.

Here are my favourite lipsticks. Just suggestions. You will be the one having to choose from around 100 lipsticks :)

from left to rigth 
Lady Danger, Morange, Vegas Volt, Impassioned, Girl about Town

The Rules: 

1. You need to be subscribed to my blog.
2. You need to follow me via twitter.
3. You need to be friends with me on facebook.
Uuuuahahahahahha that's me busting out my evil laugh!

4. And now for the fun part – you need to post a comment below writing about thoughts or suggestions you may have on improving my blog. Any kind of input welcome, whether it be styling wise, writing wise, layout wise EVERYTHING!
Please bare in mind that this is NOT a simple "enter me" give away and also don't forget to write down your email address so I can contact you.

The contest is open until 6th of July (fyi my first day being 21), anyone can enter (if you are under 18 please make sure you have your parents permission) and I will choose the winner via

Good look and for most have fun!



Spring Favourites

If you happen to live on the northern hemisphere, than you will probably be as excited as I am about this particular day!
Today is the first official day of summer!
*imaginary high five*

Noticing that there is no better day than today to show you my spring favourites, I grabbed this opportunity by it's neat little forelock.

I love love love this outfit! 
I wore it a ridiculously amount of times, even on nights out when I didn't feel like getting all dolled up!

Shoes & Jacket - Zara. Pants - Bershka. T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters. Nailpolish - H&M (Being-on-the-A-List).  Nars Laguna Bronzer.  Lipstick - Mac's Lady Danger.

What was your favourite spring item? 


Versace for H&M

I am probably the last person to write about THE big news, but I will anyways!
Being cut off the internet is no fun! -No fun for me, no fun for you. Simply no fun! 
I'm gonna stop excusing myself and cut right to the chase.

Donatella Versace is collaborating with H&M!
The collection will hit stores on December 17th. 


Iconic - Prints - Leather - Studs - Gold - Glamorous - Rock'n'Roll

Sounds just like what I would like the collection to be. Unfortunately, from what I saw on a few pictures (==>click<==) I am a little disappointed. I love the men's suit though. 

What do you think? 
Yay or Nay? 




I just saw that Net-a-Porter started their Summer Sale! 
This is the time to snatch all the ridiculously priced desires and still have the possibility of not completely braking the bank. 
Maybe a few painful cracks, but luckily the sale wont last forever!

Image via Net-a-Porter
Be careful though, there might be lurking too many temptations. 



A Peek @ my Week

- My very very very very very best friend, Catalina
- The birthday cake I baked for my dad
- So cool!
- @Work
- Picnic 
- *chilling with my homies*  ;) 

I hope you had a great week as well! 



Peek @ 3.2 Phillip Lim Resort 2012

A new obsession has hit me! 


Many of you have probably already been browsing around on this website, but if you haven't, here you go!
So, today I was looking at some more pictures from the SS12 fashion shows and I completely fell in love with Phillip Lim

Here are my favourite outfits!

--->click<--- for the complete collection

The colour scheme is quite cold (considering that this is a SS collection) with some hints of colour. 
I have to agree with that those "hints" remind me of the flowers
 hot poppy 
and marigold.

I feel like it's a different way of incorporating florals to your wardrobe without the obvious print. 

I guess you see why I had to dedicate a post to his fashion show?!

Have you ever browsed around on
if so, what's your favourite rubric? 



After Show

So today I was working for Palmers - an austrian lingerie company.
They where showcasing the fw 2011 lingerie for the press. I have to say that they are vamping things up for the cold winter months. 

a quick snap of me after the show...



Peek @ Acne Resort 2012

sea foam. bright yellow. pumpkin. 
I'm quite excited about the colour range! 
As with most fashion shows, I feel like the outfits were a tad bit to much. 
So here are my favourite off runway picks!

I think Acne has come quite a way from rocking the badass-skinny-jeans-rockerchick-vibe...

  Is there any need to say more?!

For more pictures --->CLICK ME<---
What do you think of Acne's SS12 collection?



Dinner Date

Blouse - H&M, Necklace - Pull&Bear, Watch - Diesel, Nailpolish - Models Own (I was at a shoot earlier that day so I just can't remember the name of the colour but I think it's this one. )

If you ever happen to be traveling to Vienna (Austria) I would definitely recommend having diner at Ramien. It's THE best Thai restaurant in Vienna and the "La Mien soup with curry and vegetables" (picture above) is my favourite dish they serve! 
just fyi ;)



Je t'aime

When I see something (whether it be a piece of clothing, art, furniture etc.) I fall head over heels in love with, I'm instantly put into some kind of hippy trance where I'm surrounded by millions of THE desired piece and to give the entire experience the freaking cherry on top, the "trance" is accompanied by the song "Je t'aime".  
It sounds kinda sexual. -Awkward, I know!

Well, when I saw you this was exactly what happened to me!
"Uuuuh... Je'taime!"


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