10 Minutes away from OH LÀ LÀ

Whenever I don't have enough time or I feel a little lazy for an extravagant occasion make up, I like to do this simple yet quite eye catching look! 

Of the top of my head I can think of four advantages of this look: 
1. It only takes about 10 minutes.
2. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this look.
3. It flatters vanilla, chocolate and every skin colour in between...
4. ...Plus I love how it enhances my sensuality.

What I use to achieve this look!
On my face:
*Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation
*Mac's Pro Longwear Concealer - to cover up my under eye circles & any redness
*Macs' Bronzing Powder - applied along my cheekbones and up my temples 
*Ilamasqua's Cream Blusher in "Rude": just a teeny-tiny bit dabbed on the apples of my cheeks

On my eyes & lips:
*Urban Decay's Primer Potion - to ensure that my eyeshadow wont start smudging
*Essence's Eyeshadow Pencil (any gold eyeshadow will do) - on my entire lid & up to my brow bone
* The same Bronzing Powder - applied to my brow bone to emphasise the cat-eye effect
*Mac's "Blacktrack" Fluidline
*Mac's "black tied" Eyeshadow: on top of the Fluidline to set it & provide a longer wear
*Cover Girl's Lash Blast
*Rimmel's Brow Pencil
*H&M's Brow Gel
*Mac's Lip Pencil in "Brick"- to line and fill in my lips
*Mac's Lipstick in "Russian Red" - just dabbed on top of the lip liner

What do you think, girls?
Will you wear this look on the next special occasion?


ps: If there is any other look you would like to see a post of, just let me know! ;)


When things are getting hectic...

I still find myself out of breath and overwhelmed by how spontaneously get to's and appointments can pop up. Sometimes the many things people demand from me, the decision I have to make immediately, as it seems, and other things like that simply stress me out. So when things are getting very hectic and I find the need to just say "STOP", take a deep breath and find my feet, I like to take a few hours off and head to a few art galleries.  This week I already had one of those moments, good thing there are so many galleries on Lincoln Road (the main shopping road in Miami Beach). -LOL
On monday I went to the Carel Gallery, which specializes in modern art and the 19th century and is owned  by a sweet french lady. Usually, I'm not typically drawn into galleries that present a lot of 19th century art in their window display, but as mentioned above I was in deep need of a little
 "self-discovery-time". I'm so glad I went inside, all the paintings by european artists (mostly french) made me feel closer to home. One painting in particular caught my eye. 

Vase de Roses (1950) by Georges Danset
 I love how the composition of the colors radiate peace as well as inner unrest.
To be honest I have never seen, not to mention received, roses this beautiful. 

I walked out of this gallery feeling all daring, so I went into the next gallery which at first sight also didn't necessarily appeal to me. Well what am I supposed to say? This gallery is definitely not worth mentioning in this post. 
A little bit disappointed by the last sculptures and paintings I saw, I met up with my friend Hilary in front of the Peter Lik Gallery. I wanted to see his work ever since I've passed his gallery! We spend a good amount of time looking at his pictures, thinking that some (well I thought pretty much all) of them were over retouched, until a sales person approached us and actually demonstrated the pictures speciality. 
He led us into a room which was completely dark. We sat down and looked at a framed picture in front of us. Slowly he started turning on the dimmer and as the light got brighter and brighter we witnessed a sunrise, inside a freaking gallery! It was simply breathtaking!!!  
You have to go check out one of his galleries and let an employer demonstrate you a sunrise!
I can't find the right words to describe how beautiful this experience was, other than I felt like I was actually standing on this Mountain in Utah.

If I hade a little bit of spare money ( around 50 000! LOL!), I would love to splurge on this picture.
Until then, I guess I'll keep singing: 'If I was a rich girl, na na na na....!'

Sacred Sunrise by Peter Lik

Because we loved the gallery so much we thought we could really use a picture in front of it.
So, here we go Hilary and I all touristy...

What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed?
Who's your favorite artist?
Do you know a good art gallery you think I should check out while I'm still in Miami?



Agency Night Out

Yesterday was the first time I went to an "Agency Night Out" here in Miami. It's basically an "event" from my agency where they're taking all their models out for dinner and afterwards to a club. 

For dinner we went to an italian restaurant called Sardinia Restaurante. As far as authenticity goes, I think they did pretty well. I have to say though, that the starters were a lot better  then the first and the main course. After dinner we hit a club named Set. The interior design was amazing but they were playing, what I think was, commercial house/electro which I don't like. Never the less, I was having a blast (especially while dancing the banana cheer with Sina and Yas to every other song! lol)! It was so great to get to know other models from the agency and to hang out with the bookers outside the office!

Sina & Iggy (one of our bookers)

 Natalie, Yas (both bookers) & Me

little pieces of paper that kept falling
 every now and then

So what did you do this weekend?
Did you hit the club as well or did you stay at home watching a movie and drinking hot cocoa?



Discovery of the Week!

Today I was done with my castings quite early (at around 2pm) so I decided to take a long walk on Collins Avenue. Way south (to be specific on 638 Collins Avenue) I found a cute little store named Kidrobot. Even though I didn't know anything about this store I was immediately drawn into it by the cool window display. Just in case you don't know anything about the company, just like I did before I walked into it, here comes a little recap: 
Basically Kidrobot is a producer and retailer of designer toys which are mostly produced in limited numbers and therefor are, ore become, collector's items. There are four stores in the U.S. (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami Beach - lucky me lol) and one in Kanada (Toronto). In addition to toys and dolls they also offer apparel and lifestyle products.
I guess you can already tell that it's quite hard to get a hold of their goodies. Luckily, some Urban Outfitters carry a small selection of Kirdobot, so I would recommend checking out your local Urban Outfitters

Love at first sight!
This cute donut pillow (75$) was the first thing that caught my eye. 
Although I thought it was extra cute I decided not to buy it on a whim.  
(Yes I'm already regretting not buying it) 

 Instead of the pillow I went for a much cheaper alternative.
Tadaaaa! - It is a keychain surprise box!
There was basically no way of telling which one of them 
contained the pink muffin that I wanted so desperately, just like 
winning the lottery I guess. So the only way of "telling" was
 to assume that it would be heavier than most boxes.
Sure thing I was standing there holding up almost every box,
trying to tell which one of them was the heaviest. 
I couldn't wait and ripped it open straight away and in it I found 
....stupid tea pot with a cup -.-
I was so sad! lol 
The sales person was so kind as well as understanding and 
proposed to exchange it to a blue muffin, which was displayed
on a counter.
 By the way, I named him Mr. Kadoodle.




Rise and Shine

I thought I'd share with you how my first test shoot in Miami went, since I talked about it in my last post. 

Last sunday was the first time I was shooting with an american photographer. 
I guess you can imagine how excited and nervous I was. To be honest with you, I was so nervous that I found myself having trouble falling a sleep. I know that this sounds a little silly since I've already been modeling for a while and I guess you could assume that things are pretty much the same everywhere as far as modeling goes. 
However, I was being picked up from our apartment at 8am. So if you have ever been curios about when it is to early to get up on the weekends I have a little guideline for you. If you are meeting your roommates, who just got home from partying, in the living room, it's probably to early! (HAHA)
After my makeup was done we drove to the first location which was a beach in South Beach, Miami. 
We shot 2 different "outfits" (I don't know if you can consider a bathing suit a proper outfit)  and later on went to his house where we shot 3 more. 
It turned out that there was nothing to worry about. The photographer was really nice and I had a great time.  :)

Here are a few snapshots I took before and during the shoot...

The Sunrise

The photographer 

The second location

a quick snapshot  

What did you do on sunday?



Welcome to Miami

So I have arrived in Miami about a week ago and so far I must say that I'm really enjoying my time here. :)
I've been to a couple of castings, hung out at the beach and went shopping.
Long story short, my week has not been too stressful and I can't wait until things are really starting up!

searching for the casting location

South Beach - Miami

(Mathilda enjoying the cold water)

Me enjoying the best Salad I have ever bought at a supermarket!

I hope everyone is having a nice and peaceful weekend 
(I know I wont 'cause I'll be at a shooting tomorrow. lol) ! 



Hair Saver!

Yes, you heard right! 
The following products do save my hair. 

So about 1½ years ago a hairdresser (sort of) chopped off my hair from about belly-button-length to barely-touching-my-shoulder-length. To me that was almost as big of a disaster as throwing away all my clothes. That incident made me want to invest my money in a good Hair care system. 

Now, 1½ years later, my hair is about 20cm longer and it almost comes below my bust. I know this doesn't sound as if my hair grew like crazy, but considering that I straighten my curls about once a week and that I get them trimmed every other month, I think my hair is doing quite great. 
I also noticed that ever since I started using those products I don't spend as much time straightening as I used to.  It seriously used to take me 3 hours and now it's only taking me 30-40 minutes. 
PLUS my hair looks a lot healthier...which is actually the whole point of this post! ;)

First I wash (or as they call it bathe) my hair with their Oléo Realx Shampoo (about 14£). 
My hair instantly feels different – smoother and healthier. 

Afterwards I use their Oléo Relax Masque (about 25£).
I like to use this every time I wash my hair simply because my hair is extra extra dry. 
The first thing I noticed, after i used this product, was that I could almost run my fingers through my entire hair, whereas before I had to stop right by my ears (yes that's how tangled my hair used to be). 

Tip: I would recommend massaging this mask in yout hair from below your ears and down, focusing most of the product on your ends. Otherwise it could make your scalp look greasy and wear your hair down. Also I would recommend putting your hair up in a bun and letting it sit for about 10 minutes.

Once I have rinsed out the masque and taken off my "towel turban" I like to put around 6-8 pumps of Kérastase Nutritive Lait Nutri-Sculpt (about 18 £) in my hair. 
I have noticed that my hair is a lot smoother and less curly once it's dry. 

Tipp: Again I would recommend distributing from your ears down and focusing on the ends.

If I decide to straighten my hair I like to run a mac-eyshadow-sized amount of Nectar Thermique - Heat Protector (about 18£) through my hair. It protects your hair from the heat, fastens the process of straightening and leaves your hair silky looking.

I know Kérastase products are quite price but in my opinion they are totally worth it. 
To me these products are definitely holy grail idems!!!
 Which means that as long as I can afford buying them I will continue using them!

You can get Kérastase products at Kérastase salons and many hair dressers. 
However, if you happen to live in the UK I would recommend buying them via
They sell Kérastase products 25% off including shipping, all year around.

So what do you think? 
Will you give it a shot? 

Hope to hear from you! 


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