My one and only Honey Bunch!

Let me just go ahead and bore everyone on this planet out of their genius mind by telling you what has already been old news well...let's say a couple of weeks ago. So in advance, I'm sorry if I couse any severe brain damage or anxiety attacks due to the fear of time loss and if you haven't heard about it or tried it already "helloooo, my dear friend! I feel a strong connection to you and your "lateness"!"

The most delightful experience you will ever have, that is of course only if you are as pathetic as I am to agree on spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that is not worth it at all, while showering will be due to letting "It's raining Men" join your shower routine. 
If there are any men reading this post let me pamper you. Naturally there are no actual men raining so technically showering with you is still the most joyful thing! ;)

Yes, it smells (somewhat) like their oh so famous "Honey I washed the Kids" soap but as much as I am a fan of it I think that their shower gel is a way better product. I find the smell much more intense as well as complex. When you snap it open you will notice how similar they smell. Once you lather it on your body you will notice how the smell transforms into something a little bit more woodsy and herbal which is very weird 'cause from what I can tell by the ingredients there isn't anything similar in smell in it. Never the less, compared to the other body washes I think this is a lot better at moisturizing your skin as well as foaming up goes. 
So two thumbs up for smell and performance and one thumb down for the price tag which varies from 9$ to 25$!

Have you tried this yet?
Would you like to try it? If so, hurry so you can get your hands on it! It is a limited edition product from Valentines day. 
Yup that's how late I am with this post, shame on me. 




Sunday FUN-day

 There is one good thing about being back in the cold climate, 
I feel like dressing up is a lot more fun as well as creative when you can add tons and tons of clothes.
And the cool thing about it is that as long as you don't look like a christmas tree and are still able to walk it also defeats the nasty cold weather! 

*Long-sleeved Shirt: Forever21
*Scarf: Bershka
*Vest: Zara (a present from my cousin)
*Belt & Jeans: Bershka
*Boots: UGG (colour: chestnut)

What colours do you like to wear during winter? 
I feel like that as soon as it get's cold I lean towards dark and earthy colours. 



I need more

purple nail polishes!

If there is one colour* I can't stop painting my nails it must be each and every shade of purple!
Uuuuh, how I loooove purple nail polish.
It's the type of love that kids feel for lollies or collecting Pokemon cards.
I in particular used to love both but now that I'm a big girl I'm more into grown up things like...
 nail polish.

I just picked up a couple of nail polishes the other day, but I had to use this one first.
Let me introduce to you "funky dunkey." 
Her family name is Shrek Collection, she's from OPI city and my hands best friend.

left to right:
2 coats, 1 coat, 1 coat + 1 coat of OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection

a close up from "Teenage Dream"

If you look closely you can tell that the more coats you paint on the more visible the blue undertones get. 
Also, If you like your nails to look completely perfect, I would definitely recommend wearing two coats, as the nail polish is a little bit streaky, and finishing off with a top coat.
Both I barely ever do 'cause I'm one lazy chick who enjoys the thought of painted nails but never the actual activity. 
Which usually results in nasty chipping and a frustrated sigh asking myself when I will learn my lesson.
Too bad.

What is your favorite nail polish colour?


*clear and neutrual colours don't count! 

I fell asleep...

in all cozy warm MIAMI and woke up in freaking cold VIENNA! 

OH Nooo!
I felt so overwhelmed by the cold breeze and the missing sun, I just wanted to turn around and catch the next flight back to Miami. Well, I'm glad I didn't! Otherwise I would have missed out on the little surprise that was waiting for me at home. 
 "I WANT IT ALL and I want it covered in Chocolate"

My little 14 year old sister (I refer to her as my little sister 'cause I know her since she was 3 years old. She is actually "just" my neighbors daughter.) was cute enough to draw me a little poster, glue a huuuuuge 300gram chocolate bar to it and attache the entire thing to my door. 
This must be true love!
...I'm certain we will stick through thick and thin. 
Thanks to this gigantic bar of happiness more through thick and probably even glued to the door! 

While I was lounging on the couch still in my sweatpants from the flight (kind of happy that I'm back in my beloved apartment and kind of sad that I'm not at my beloved beach) I started unwrapping the chocolate bar looking at pictures I took while I was in Miami. If somebody would have taken a picture of me I could have totally made it on the cover of one of those health magazines. 
"Biggest Loser relapses! Is it all just a scam?"

That's when I realized that I barely posted any pictures of Miami! 
BAD, BAD me! 

Here are some of my favourites! 

A photographers son made me an early Valentine's Day present

Me, Ana & Sol at an agency dinner

What a loyal owner!

Dinner at Delano

Not a shoe store!
Backstage at a catalogue shoot

my favorouite restaurant in Miami Beach

that was one scary ass ride with one crazy chick on a way too fast jetski!!

 'it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" on the boat beside us

 Mala, Sol & Amber
...what a beautiful view ;)

watching the sunset on the yacht



I took this picture during a shoot on Key Biscayne. 
My tip is to rent a scooter and drive there. The beach is a lot more quite compared to south beach! 

Did the owner drive his bike like that and when he locked it to the pole someone came by and stole the front wheel?
Did the owner lock it to the pole and then person A decided to steal the wheel. Afterwards person B  passed it and saw his opportunity to express his artistic streak and wrap the entire left over in this colourful crochet work? 
Some people would call this genius some people would say:"that was one weirdo with to much time on his hands!" 
Either way; What the heck??


at the Mondrian 

 Graffiti at Wynwood Art district 

This picture turned out way too cool!
I used a free Iphone app. 

                                                         Bye!                                                    funky monkey

Writing this post really made me longing for faraway.
Where would you like to be right now?




I'm so freaking HAPPY!
...dancing around and jumping up an down like a bouncy ball.

 just like the one in the middle except that by now I probably look more like the one on the right, all sweaty and then more and more like the one on the left.
 I guess rapid body movement and eating don't go so well together. 

I don't care!
I have 20 Followers!!!!


Thank you girls! 
so so much, seriously!

Enjoy with me the song I'm listening to as I'm typing this text!
Watch home boy too, his moves are quite funny.


I wish you all an amazing evening!


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