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all lovey dovey 

My bf invited me out for dinner. He surprised me by taking me to a restaurant I always wanted to go to.
 Literally always - since I was 8 years old and first heard about it. :D 
What a great surprise!
We went to the danube tower, which is quite a cool location. You dine on top of vienna (about 150 meters from the ground) while having the most spectacular view as the restaurant rotates 360° in 25min. 
As far as food and service goes, the waiter could have been a lot friendlier. You could also call this the Viennese charm, if you want to be real positive about things. 
They offer typical austrian food (pork medallions, veal cutlet and so on, sadly they only offered one vegetarian dish) that was totally overpriced for the way it was prepared and tasted. 
While waiting for our main course, my bf and I started talking about what a shame it is that this place is manly tourist trap. We were imagining being able to totally revamp the restaurant and hiring an amazing staff to tap the full potential.

If you ever visit vienna, definitely don't miss out on the danube tower! 
The view is amazing and if you feel thirsty or hungry I would much rather recommend going to the café. It is located on the level beneath the restaurant.

Afterwards we went to Wein&CO for a chocolate tarte and some wine. 
They have THE BEST chocolate tarte and I always enjoy going there!!!! 


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