On and on and on.... mind are about a million and one things. 

The ones I will show you right now are the more fun, exciting and even nerve racking (in a damn-it-I-can't-have-you kinda way) things that are wrapped around my brain right now. 

always, always, always SHOES!
A typical case of a "nerve racker" right here. 
Damn you for not magically appearing on my door step!

thanks to fashionsquad I now know that these beauties are on sale at ZARA. I bet I'm too late.
Anyone who finds them in size 39 for me will receive THE biggest hug! <3

The perfect watch-bangles combination!

Craving a new Colour&Cut

Could you imagine her picture perfect ombre hair combined with my caramel face?!
YAY! or NAY!
what do you think?

Fast, faster Chanel Fastfood!

I seriously need McDonalds to redo their packaging!
Chanel needs to open up their own fast food franchise!
Either way something needs to happen right now!!!!!!

Quite a frustrating thought. - I know!

As I am falling asleep on my desk, looking some what similar to him -less sexy though, I wish you all sweet dreams!



emmi hat gesagt…

love the silver shoes!

emmi hat gesagt…

love the silver shoes!

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