I'm heading out for a casting. I usually always forget taking pictures 'cause I'm stressed out about getting there too late. 
Which is also the case right now... 
So I'm gonna get going. Maybe I'll even make it to a quick figure skating practice! 

big sry for the poor quality! 
photo booth was just the fastest option ;)

Shirt - Zara, Belt -Vintage, Jeans - Bershka, Bracelet - scrunched from my dad, Ring - gift from my bf

I hope you have an amazing day! 
Whoops I can see the Sun peeking through! :D 
YAY! Pray the weather will stay like this for my birthday!


Nooo! I'm so late now!


Sugar hat gesagt…

I love your outfit <3

Aly hat gesagt…

love your top, it is so pretty

Ela hat gesagt…

thank you so much! :D


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