Someone is hunting Me!

The last time our landline phone rang was about 4 years ago. 
Something went wrong and all of a sudden no phone calls got through.
We got used to it. People trying to reach us got used to it. 
Everything was fine!

Yesterday night at 4.21 am I woke up imaging a loud ear-piercing noise. Some jerk decided to call the landline and surprisingly, i t  w o r k e d ! 
The person did not hang up after the 5th ring - probably the most annoying character trait!

I started to totally freak out!
The type where you are too scared to run around in circles screaming.
I had to think of a good solution!

Solution #1: Hide under the blanket. - FAIL! As I said before the person must have been quite determined to scare the heck out of me. 

I don't use this word very often. Maybe I do. 
Not in posts anyways. But I feel like I need to give you a full impact on how angry and scared I was. 

Crazy thoughts strated to pop into my mind!

  • What is if it's the girl from the movie "The Ring" that finally wants to tell my that in 7 days I will die a horrific death? 

(Are you laughing? I hope not. I'm dead serious! I was 15 years old when I saw this movie. Half a year later I still showered with the TV on full volume, the shower curtain and bathroom door wide open and a bathrobe close to the shower - All so I could run as fast as I could as soon as I heard the creepy girl entering my home through the TV.)

  • What is if, it's a serial killer or someone who want's to rape me? And he/she is just calling to check if I'm on my own? 
  • What if, it's just a relative calling? But then again everyone who has this number knows that it "doesn't work!"

After what seemed to be the 20 ring, I decided that it had to be either the wicked chick or the serial killer calling!
Great conclusion, right?
I think so.

Solution #2: Pull the plug. - It worked. The ringing stopped for heck's sake!

I was able to go back to bed but not back to sleep.
I remembered that I had forgotten to lock the door. Not a good thing when you assume that there was serial killer calling for you a few seconds ago!
I dared myself to walk to the door and lock it.
Back to bed.

Still not back to sleep.
I gotta pee...

ps: you guys! I just googled "the girl from the ring" so I could post her image and the image of a serial killer below.
Not a good idea!
Now I'm back to being scared as s***! Think of those little babies from the movie Monsters Inc. 


Wynn hat gesagt…

LOL!!! You have such a great sense of humour! I'm new to your blog and I'm glad I found it! Saw your older posts and love your style. I'm folling! Come by my blog sometime! xox


JEAN-PIERRE hat gesagt…

:), just wanted to say that the image of the shoe closet below is crazy!

SIMONE L.S hat gesagt…

haha thi made me LOL but you kinda freaked me out too! hahah

Ela hat gesagt…

hahaha! I am always happy to help encouraging a nice paranoia ;)

sweet dreams.

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