Apartment Inspirations.

Words that SOAK into your ears are whispered...not yelled. 

Take your time and enjoy.

Never mind the closet!
I neeeeeeed the shoes!!!

I love the combination of turquoise walls with pink and yellow accents.  
Screw calming rooms, this is just way too fresh!
Last year I painted one of my bedroom walls this exact shade of teal. Up until now I was too shy (Yes, me. I can be very shy!)to add pink accents into the mix. 
I need more NEON PINK in my live (bedroom included), that's for sure!

One day I will have too much time and patience on my hand. Praise that day - A beautiful door will be born. 
It might just take a million years 'till this day will arise...

 A door, in a door, in a door, in a door, in a door, in a door, in a door, in a door. 
The ultimate Alice feel. 
I love Alice.
I will make this door happen, even if it's in a later stage of my life. 

Now for more in general inspiring Rooms.

That's a lot to take in and with you. 
I hope you got inspired to change up your space to whatever your crazy mind desires.


Ps: Most of the pictures were taken off of designe sponge.


marama hat gesagt…

Great photos! =)

Victoria'sProcrastinationProject hat gesagt…

Great pictures! I wish I had that many shoes!!

THE CHEAP hat gesagt…

Lovely :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

does pictures are amazing..i would love it my house looked like them.nice following.check out mine.and follow :)

Ela hat gesagt…

I'm overwhelmed from your great feedback!

I'm happy you enjoyed it!

B.Inspired hat gesagt…

I love your taste in home decor! Everything looks stunning and one day you'll have a home just as fab! Those! I dream of a closet with shoes that fabulous! Hope you'lly stop by and maybe we can follow each other?

Taj Acosta hat gesagt…

Oh I love that door within a door with in a door lol! So fun! I think I need that, wonder where they each go to ;) xo

Miss Delirium hat gesagt…

Aww your welcome dear! ^^ I'm so glad you appreciated it:D

I know:/ I have some concerns with the use of silicone on my hair too. But used in moderation and also with the use of some good clarifying and conditioning treatments once in awhile I still think it's a great product:)

You know what, it's important that people know that it's a silicone based product. I think I'll edit my review and write some lines about it;) Thanks for reminding me!;)

~~And lovely interior photos! I'm totally inspired:D Too bad I don't have an apartment to decorate!!!

Jenn hat gesagt…

I also love turquoise walls with pink accents and the floral, hand painted doos is divine! I wish my door would someday look something like that. I am definitely following. :)

B hat gesagt…

Very inspiring. I love all of these interior designs!

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