Yesterday, I went for lunch with some friends. So guess what?! The pictures above weren't taken by a stranger but by my dear friend Crazy-Carl! I guess that's a challenge I'll have to conquer another day. 
Anyways, She's so good at this - I decided to propose her a shady business deal. From now on she'll help me out with my pictures every once in a while and I'll pay her in manicures and pedicures! 
Tomorrow we will meet up so I can "minx-up" her toes. - Don't know what I'm talking about? Click HERE!
This is the greatest idea ever. Usually I always have to force people into stuff like this, e.g. my bf but that's another story. 
Thank you Crazy-Carl, you might regret this in the near future <3

I love the jeans on jeans look, especially if the colour slightly differs from one piece to the other.
I popped on my caramel leather jacket as I wanted to add a touch of warmth to the look without the obvious cozy warm feel some materials have to them (e.g. the loosely knit structure of a jumper).
I was running around the city wearing Nike sneakers but for Castings I changed into my nude peep-toes.

Leather jacket - ZARA / Shirt - H&M / Jeans - Acne / Nude Pumps - Pura Lopez
 Oh and the silver rings are also from H&M, I recently got about a million of those for just 5€. 
What a fashionable steal!



Taj Acosta hat gesagt…

Great outfit, I love the backdrop! Hair is looking fabulous of course ;) xo

Tinu hat gesagt…

Love love the outfit!!
love your blog.

Ela hat gesagt…

thank you so so much!
I'm seriously smiling from ear to ear (again, as it's the second time I've read you lovely comments) :D


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