I'm off to some castings / go&sees, appointments, to do's and get to's.
If I have enough time, I'll definitely make friends with a stranger and ask her/him to take a quick snap of my outfit. 

I hope everyone is making the most of this beautiful day! 
Talk to you later, kiddos :) 



Miss Delirium hat gesagt…

Sounds interesting :)
As far as I can see, that denim shirt looks so cool. Im waiting for the perfect one to appear to me.. Been wanting a denim shirt for so long..

Btw I'm s glad I stumbled upon your blog, cus I already love it and I decided to pass on the "One Lovely Blog Award" to you:)

I've featured you in this post:

Have a nice day! Gonna check back later to see if you've posted your outfit of the day :)
xoxo Miss Delirium

B hat gesagt…

Good luck for all the castings!
you look goregous even though you are trying to be a bit funny here haha :)

I'm now following you and a member of your blog. Would love it if you followed me back!


Tinu hat gesagt…

oww goodluck! how did that go?

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