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5 for silver, 6 for gold, 7 for a secret never to be told *

 As most of you may have noticed, I don't like drawing a lot of attention to my beautiful hands. 
I prefer having all eyes on my thoughtfully deformed feet! 
I wanted to post a close up.
Then I realized, there might be a discreet foot fetishist among us. Supposedly, it's quite easy to scare them away, like cats. - Easily found but hard to keep relaxed and drolly-jolly. 
(If you are a foot fetishist: I am not saying that you are a cat. just cat like. I love cats! Chances are, I might love you too!)
Anyways, I decided not to risk anyone running to the next trash can with haste!

I just wanted to show you my diy minx nails!
Although, I applied the Essence nail fashion sticker (~2€) the no-no way they still look pretty fierce after the third day. 
I would definitely recommend watching Lisa Eldrige's short tutorial as I find the instructions on the actual packaging incomplete. 

The only things I did different were a, I used a blow dryer rather then one of the many infrared light lamps that are hanging out in our apartment (jk) and b, I found filing off the excess foil way too annoying so I simply chopped it off using a kitchen knife. Alright you caught me. That sounds way to nifty and badass to be me, I used an ordinary scissor. 

Has anyone of you ever tried giving yourself or a friend a minx makeover?

oh! and btw I just goggled foot fetish and apparently they have their on pornographic (I don't know if that word even applies in that case) youtube version.
Oh dear world wide web, you make me smarter and smarter every day!
What would I do without all that pointless information?
What would YOU do without it?   

  * this week I attended a conetmporary class (the teacher was Jed O'Grady)  in the scope of Impulstanz.
We choreographed a piece about and around the number 7. 
This was one of the quotes we used.


Anonym hat gesagt…

I love your blog :D
I am following you! Take a look at my blog and, if you want, follow me too :D


Anonym hat gesagt…

i loove the metallic nails!

i was wondering if you could share your mani/pedi routine with us?

i find it hard to find a good cuticle oil and nail hardener for example :-)

thanks for sharing all these beauty secrets with us.

kisses and hugs
crazy carl

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