06082001 Finally

A couple days ago I was invited to an event called MODE TALKING which was presented by peng! magazine. 
I knew a couple of my kiddos would be there, so of course my saturday night plan was to hop into a semi-comfi outfit and unleash the crazy jibber jabber. 
The music was great and the location - the beautifully renovated pool area of Volksgarten - splendid.  I had a really good time talking to friends and workmates, I usually only get to hang out with every so often. Since we all travel quite a bit it appears quite challenging to keep in track with each others lives. 

Now for the outfit
I love combining delicate, sheer, flowy materials with rather rough materials.
To dress it up or down I either pop on a pair of pleasurably masochistic heels and jewelry OR I just throw on some sneakers. 

Shirt - ZARA / Jeans - ACNE / Shoes - Zara / Bracelet - Some random shop in Lisbon



Flaviana Boni hat gesagt…

great look!

Check out my new outfit post!
Dress up for armageddon

indie.electronic.alternative. hat gesagt…

i love mixing up tough girl and sweet girl items to get the perfect look too. these shoes are kickass.

Z. hat gesagt…

such a great look! you are beautiful :)

Amber hat gesagt…

amazing look girl!
x amber

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