I'm on my way to Salzburg *YAY*
 I figured I would show you a quick snap of the flats I bought yesterday.
I went to Zara just to have a look at the new collection and to see if they had any plain and simple sandals. When I was about to leave the store I saw these flats. Now they definitely aren't simple in the truest sense of the word but when I picked them up I saw that they were marked down from 50€ to 15€. 
Seconds later I found myself at the check out paying for bright yellow and studded sandals.

A lot of people think that the sales are over as soon as the new collections are hitting the sores and taking over most of the space with great impact. That's not entirely true. They still go on but you have to go to the right stores! 
Every city has a, what I call, big-bossy-pants-store. When the hysteric sales are approaching the end all the little stores start supplying the “big-bossy-pants-store”.

Which is why I've got some advice for you. 
You should take one last stroll through your “big-bossy-pants” sale section. 
You might be surprised of how many beautiful pieces will find their way into your beloved wardrobe.



Miss Delirium hat gesagt…

They're so cool! :) Ive actually been looking for a pair of yellow shoes lately, but havent found the right ones yet..
These were really nice, even tho' im probably looking for someone a little more pastelyellowish :)

im def gonna look for some sale next time im shopping;)

marama hat gesagt…

Great shoes =)

Ela hat gesagt…

thank you for your comments. I love reading them even though it always takes a while for me to respond.

@Miss delirium: You should definitely have a look at them while they are on sale. I will have to admit that they are even brighter in real life though.


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