I want

a 9 year old's birthday party on my nails!
See, even Coco is shocked.

For years I've been dreaming of having a pink room filled with nothing else but tons and tons of glitter to drown in and to play around with. And I want - NO, I demand some type of compensation for every year I have to spend waiting for this dream to come true!

Last year on a hot hot summer day in Barcelona I decided to buy a couple of Mac glitters. Later that day, I wanted to do my eye makeup using one of them. I popped it right open and seconds later I found myself spellbind by all the glitter floating around the bathroom. I watched it gasping some indefinable sounds with delight while smiling from ear to ear. 
The saddest and most beautiful glimmer moment ever!
Obviously we had to delay our dinner plans 'cause I was too busy fooling around in bedazzle heaven.

One year has passed and I am glitz-desperate!
And as we all know - Whatever Lola want's, Lola get's.  (kinda)

And then I saw this...
Deborah Lippmann's nail polish in Happy birthday, a more compact and less absurd version of the ultimate-glitzyglam-overkill-room. This beautifully designed bottle is jam-packed with a ridiculous amount of metallic confetti. Two coats of this and you'll be able to walk around in a paper bag and unwashed hair without anyone noticing. 
How great and convenient is that?
(btw. If you try this and my thesis fails, I am not liable for any loss of your social status. But I would be more than happy to receive your pictures)
I need little kids messing around with soap bubbles and cake on my toes, preferably with a pink base coat beneath it!

How well developed are your glitter-genes? 
Are they badass like mine?


Ps: Just in case you also happen to have trouble finding deborah, I think after shipping and handling House of Fraiser is the cheapest way of getting you hands on some bottled up party.  


SIMONE L.S hat gesagt…

hihihi me luuve glitter too! but i mean who doesnt?? right???
oh well very good blog, I enjoy reading it :)
visit mine on:

shadeolayioye hat gesagt…

Hello, thanks for commenting on my blog :) I appreciate it.
Actually the Image I got it from a Dutch blog, which i 'm sure you know? It's very popular, the bloggers name is yara and her blog is
you won't be disappointed, have a nice day :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

great post! glitter rocks!!:D
i love the nailpolish, but it's soo expensive:(
you maybe already know, but there's a similar from essence that is much much cheaper:)

love your blog <3

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