I'm usually the type of person that goes completely crazy during sales! 
It's kind of my best friend, Catalina and my thing. We get up really early and make sure to constantly keep the coffee flowing and the caffein shock going. Just so we can enjoy an entire day of raw shopping madness.
We always have the best time doing this!

Unfortunately she was in Switzerland when the sale started and she will be there for another 2 months. 
If there aint no harsh truth, tracking dog Cati, there aint no SALE. - Kind of at least...

Never the less, I could not resist strolling through the stores a couple of weeks after the sale started.
Most of the items I loved were already sold out in my size - so frustrating!
                            And then I SCORED ON THESE DRUMSTICKS! 

Hell Yeah!
So sensual and light...
Plus they look absolutely stunning with every and any outfit!
And and and they remind me teeny tiny bit of a pair of Alexander Wangs.

S C O R E !
...and the winner is me


Ps: I bought them on thursday. I assume you might still be able to get a hold of them.

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Amazing shoes, I like it =)

Following you , I hope you follow back =)

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