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If there was a fire in our building, this would be the one outfit I would safe. 
If I were only allowed to own one outfit to sleep, live and party in - this would be the one I would choose.
If I had a signature outfit, this would be it!

Simple, comfy, relaxed with a hint of grunge - no need to say more.

Top, Pants & Shoes - Zara / Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company / Foldable Wayfarer - Ray Ban / Bra - AA / 
Bracelet - from my beloved Daddy-o 

The background: 
I was walking around on the upper platform of the Albertina, one of the greatest museums in Vienna. Amongst other things like Monet and Picasso they are also exhibiting the photographic Society in Vienna from 1861 to 1945 (I'm especially excited to have a look at that). Have a look at their current exhibitions here.

Behind me you can see a couple historical buildings. 
1. Picture: a Statue of Emperor Franz Joseph, Austria's last Emperor and behind that the famous Sacher Hotel.
2. Picture: A peek of the national library. A place I used to spend most of my time at. 
3. Picture: the impressive State Opera.

What's your favourite/signature outfit? 



B hat gesagt…

Love this look! You always look so gorgeous hun :)

XOXO hat gesagt…

I really like it! In fact, it's funny, but today I have made a shorts like this :D
You look gorgeus!

Ela hat gesagt…

thank you so much, girls! :)

@ XOXO that sounds great. I've been thinking about adding more studs to my shorts as well. you should definitely post a picture on your blog!

btw. I was browsing around on your blog but I couldn't find your name. so, what's your name? :)


Beatrice Balaj hat gesagt…

Love the shoes!! So beautiful!
Great blog! Now following. Hope you can return the favor if my blog also inspires you :)


Sabrina T. hat gesagt…

lovely casual outfit lady!!I have the same cambridge satchel bag but in orange, like in yellow!
nice blog!
Would u come, see mine and follow if u like it??I'll do the same back..i'd be happy to follow each other..kiss from Milan!

Patchwork à POrter

Flaviana Boni hat gesagt…

I love your bag!

Dress up for armageddon

Miss Starshiny hat gesagt…

you are very stylish!
I'm a new follower! Can you please follow back?

Miss Starshiny hat gesagt…

your jean shorts are so nice!
I'm a new follower! Can you please follow back?

Miss Delirium hat gesagt…

Thanks doll! :):)

Oh love these shots, they're amazing! :) And the outfit is fab, this is so me, too :) I guess i would choose something similar. probably a tighter top and put on a flanell shirt as well.. Dont know if i could bear to leave out those high heels tho.. hehe! :P

DailyGlamour hat gesagt…

love your hair ! Would you like if we follow ?!

Michelle's Style File hat gesagt…

Just been checking out your style and I love it! Following on Bloglovin'


♥Sharon♥ hat gesagt…

You look Gorgeous..luvin your hair !!!

PolaBerry hat gesagt…

I love this look!! your hair looks amazing :]


Miss Naomi hat gesagt…

i really love the bag.. The color is just brilliant!

Tinu hat gesagt…

super cute!!!! your bag!!! I want one...its fun and pretty.

World Tour Stories hat gesagt…

very hot girl

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