As most of you know I spent the last week in Salzburg sunbathing, relaxing, downing a couple glasses of great wine here and there and peeking at a few fashion shows online. 

All reasons for the lack of posts on my behalf.
In the meanwhile everyone and their mother must have been spamming the heck out of our great blogosphere! 
I have about 150 unread posts?! 
It makes me look like myself on my 17th birthday when I tried on the granny underpants my dear friends handed to me in the most festive manner. And even worse, I feel a tiny bit bitter inside as I missed out on, what seems to be, an exciting game.
I hate missing out on exciting games! In fact I've never played a drinking game and I assume they're fun.
B O H O O !

The good news?
I'm back! - Blogosphere watch out.

On to what the core of my blog is supposed to be...
Yup, not rambling. 

It was the perfect ending of a hot-hot day at the lake. It was still warm so I decided to throw on a skirt, a short sleeved jumper (I always freeze. It's 25°C and I will eventually freeze.) and dragged the fella to a nice restaurant for dinner.

I love combining roughly knitted jumpers with leather. It kind of tones down all the sexy vibe that comes with wearing leather.

Sweater - No Name / Skirt & Shoes - Zara

H A P P Y  P I Z Z A - W E D N E S D A Y  E V E R Y O N E !



Rosy hat gesagt…

wonderful outfit! simply and chic <3

DailyGlamour hat gesagt…

thanks for you comment too ;)

Chasing Dreams hat gesagt…

Simple but stylish, love this look! And your hair is soooo beautiful!!

Vanessa, Take only Memories hat gesagt…

Lovely look!

Kim's Vanity hat gesagt…

Just landed on your blog and love it! You are drop dead gorgeous. Love that outfit too.

Flaviana Boni hat gesagt…

I want your skirt! really nice outfit!!

Dress up for armageddon

Danielle Kristie Sharp hat gesagt…

Love these!


tessa hat gesagt…

love love love your sandals!

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Clara Turbay hat gesagt…

I like so much this blog.
I´d like you check out mine.

Taj Acosta hat gesagt…

Love your outfit!! xo -Taj

Živilė hat gesagt…

nice outfit!


Fabrizia hat gesagt…

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