Discovery of the Week!

Well - Hello(!), chrome pink Mercedes!
I guess you all understand that I HAD to stop to take a picture of it so I could share it with you! But the most extravagant and funniest thing about the car is not the actual colour but the license plate!
See for yourself...

"It's All About Me"

Hahaha - it's definitely one of a kind! 
So what do you think about this car?
Would you like to own it or trash it?



Anonym hat gesagt…

I want it!!! jaja maybe only to go out with the girls!

Ela hat gesagt…

hahahahhah! you would definitely be turning some heads ;)

Miss Delirium hat gesagt…

gosh, im sooo wanting this! :) Loving the color ^^

But if i could choose i would make it a bmw, and not a merc ;P

Ela hat gesagt…

hahahahaha! you are hilarious!

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