I treat...

...myself with an eye treat!

Finding a good eye cream to me is always really hard!
I expect my eye cream to be really moisturizing, rather thick than too thin in consistency, calming, I want it to have a build in dark under eye circle eraser as well as a de-wrinlking effect. 

You might be thinking: "Wooow! Do you want a gold watch to go with it?"
But, hey! I'm 20 years old, my eye area looks pretty good and I want it to look exactly like that when I'm 40 and older, regardless all the late nights out, the damages the sun causes and all the pulling and tugging from (sometimes) careless makeup-artists. 

Ok. Maybe I do ask a little bit too much from those teeny tiny jars. 
Split my expectations in half: one night cream, the other day cream and here I go!

    27$ from Kiehls

Whats' the dealio?

The main ingredients, Avocado, Shea Butter and Beta-Carotene, transform this eye cream to a rich antioxidant eye treatment or even eye mask (the way I like to use it). The formula is quite thick and doesn't smell anything like the scary colour.
I love slathering a thick coat on at night by simply dabbing it on my under eye area. 
Something I've noticed right away was that once you've dabbed it on a little bit the consistency changes into something rather sticky and watery like. So I would definitely recommend ONLY dabbing it on other than doing those dabb-stroke motions. 
After a month of using this little jar of wonder I've noticed that even without applying it, my eye area doesn't feel as tight and thin (which we all know can cause pre-mature wrinkling. Scary - I know!).
I've also noticed that using a little bit in the morning as a base for my Mac's Pro Longwear Concealer leaves an overall smoother finish. 

I'm overall wowed! I think I will even buy another jar as a back up before I head back to europe. The price difference is just insane and a little bit of a turn off (27$ vs 40€)!
Just so you know, I'm still on the hunt for an outstanding day cream that covers a few more of my expectations. So look out for another one of those posts in a month or so. 

What do you look for in an eye cream?
Have you had any experience with this eye cream or any other eye cream by Kiehl's?
Is there any eye cream you would recommend me?



Amy hat gesagt…

I don't really believe in eye creams to be honest. I think any facial cream can do the same work, but I buy them all the time just because I like buying skin care products + love having smooth skin lol And who knows? It might really work. It's better than doing nothing, right? Origins have really nice eye creams, I particularly like the Ginzing.

Ela hat gesagt…

You might be right, I'm not a scientist ;)
All I know is that I really do feel a difference using different eye creams, maybe you should try a different one if this one doesn't really do anything for you.

thank you for your recommendation. I will definitely take a look at it! :)

Segments of Life hat gesagt…

I've heard great reviews for this cream, and after your post - I'm sold! Gonna go order it today! :D

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