I just had an amazing idea, at least I believe it is!
I will start writing a series of posts dedicated to all my broke girls out there, including myself!
(*hint* *hint* remember my little wish list post?)
So every other week I will post about an inexpensive alternative to look all -WHAM BAM- 
Whether it is skincare, hair, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, you name it...
Here we go!

Thrift Store
I've always tried to concentrate on not pulling a face out of disgust when somebody told me that their latest very hipster looking closet addition was from a thrift store. Seriously? YUK! I don't even want to know what the former owner, who obviously was very unsatisfied with the product as he/she didn't even try to sell it on ebay, did while wearing those clothes. I don't know, it just creeps the heck out of me. 
Don't get me wrong, kind Susie from next door who likes to play with soap-bubbles in her spare time, I don't mind...
...but him?
 hmmm? Not so much!

It's this time of the year (Carnival, Halloween...) where everyone is getting all hyper about their outrageously creative costumes and you still haven't found your's yet. You stumble across this surprisingly real looking Wonder Woman costume at a thrift store and you think to yourself -STRIKE-
Don't let yourself be fooled!
She might wore it before you did...

However, my friend Chris had the fabulous idea to take me and my friend Hilary to a thrift store. When we entered second hand heaven the store happily welcomed us with its keen smell. We spent about an hour digging through clothes nobody else seemed to love anymore and left the store with each one belt (and Chris also got a dress, I think).

Some might think that a belt is not worth mentioning but if it's a real leather belt from Express for, believe it or not, 4$ I think it is. I finally have my very own vintage belt without the guilty feeling from lending my dads belts without him knowing. 

Isn't it nice when you feel like you're slowly overcoming your fear even if the step is as little as a belt? 
I think thrift stores are a great way of getting things that are fashionable right now without them being expensive or screaming: "My Mummy bought me from H&M!" 
But the bras and knickers they sell? Heck no!!

What experiences did you have with thrift stores?

ps: make sure to also comment below for requests ;)


Lexy hat gesagt…

Thrift stores are a good place to look for cheap clothes... I've gone a couple of times but I only find a good find once in a while.. I usually stick to buying shoes, small shoulder bags or accessories. :P
It feels kind of strange buying clothes that other people have worn :x

Ela hat gesagt…

I totally agree! One step at a time, maybe next time I'll "dare" getting a blazer (they have amazing blazers!!!)!

Viviana hat gesagt…

I just came accross your blog...and I LOVE it! I read every single post, and each one was interesting and useful. I also love your writing style...i'm just completely hooked! This will definitely be one of my go to blogspots!!!

Jewelz hat gesagt…

They freak me out a little bit too. I did manage to buy a pair of sweat pants once and couldn't stop thinking about who else sweated in them *barf*

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