A "little" Wish List

I've been so good the entire month and then -BOOOM- the dark side of the consuming world also known as the 24/7 online shopping opportunity put another one of their intoxicating and wallet poisoning spells on me. 
Welcome to my never ending shopping list of things I keep telling myself I can not live without...

Both from Pleasure Doing Business
The skirt on the left I already gave in and ordered it; the skirt on the right unfortunately already sold out

Either one

The price of the chairs jewelry stand is (unfortunately) a huuuuuge turn off.

also both from Urban Outfitters

 just imagen how sweet your dreams would really be!

the YSL turquoise arty enamel ring 
I've been wanting this ring for the longest time. In fact I've been debating too long (again) whether I can or can't live without it that now (basically since december) it seems like it's impossible to get a hold of in size 8. 

the Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Patent Pumps
Oh, how I wish I could call them my very own!!!

Chanel's classic quilted flap bag in patent calf


Chanel's classic quilted lambskin handbag
Uh! I really want one of those two. I'm actually leaning towards the first one. 

Sure thing, if I would really buy all of that right now or within the next month my wallet would probably try to run away and hide or do something suicidal to itself, like deliberately catch fire and explode. 
I will get a few of those things though. I'll slowly work or rather shop off my list from the less painful items to the really expensive ones, praying I wont get lost somewhere in between.

Oh! And if you are astonished that I didn't mention anything beauty related, I don't think that anyone would have the assiduity to actually read the longest and most random post about beauty products. In fact I don't even think I would have the assiduity to write this post 'cause I seriously want EVERYTHING when I walk into Sephora & Co.

What (outrageous) wishes do you have? 



sphisticate hat gesagt…

love the louboutins too <3

Aly hat gesagt…

haha this is too funny, we have a very similar list, almost identical! I want a Chanel so badlyy

Jewelz hat gesagt…

Ugh I would die for those purses. One day!!

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* hat gesagt…

I've been lusting after chloe bags (specifically the paraty) for about 2 years now, but as a student, i just don't have the money now (or anytime soon to buy one) =(

Fashion Rehab hat gesagt…

You listed the same things that I want except for the skirts, watches and tops.

Fashion Rehab

Liz hat gesagt…

I have the exact same Michael Kors gold tone watch above. I Love it!! Definitely a good investment it goes with everything I put on. Cute Blog!! Look forward to your next posts :)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

hello girl,just to let you know that im a little new too, I really appreciated if you would check my blog...


Fashion Fun hat gesagt…

your blog is very nice and addicting def going to follow check out mines to i just started as well!

Chanel Craves hat gesagt…

Cute blog. Love the Rose gold watches, and I just got a YSL arty ring for Xmas...luv it.

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Eme and Ex hat gesagt…

Haha, it's funny how addicting shopping really is.. I feel you! It's so hard to resist shopping, especially when you know you shouldn't be. :)

We love your blog. We're following now! Check out our blog too if you have the time. We just started out.

xoxo Eme and Ex

Ela hat gesagt…

Hi girls!
thank you so much for commenting! I don't think you guys know how much it means to me :)

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