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This must be the prettiest dark nude in the entire world!
I think I fell in love with a nailpolish! ...No seriously!

I was just wandering around in Ulta, not really searching for anything in particular when "WHAM BAM" this beautiful nude nail polish decided to jump out of nowhere to brighten up my nail polish "obsessed" life! 

  OPI's "San Tan-tonio" is a tan nude with slightly more pink pigments than shown on the picture I just snapped. In my opinion it's the perfect everyday nail polish that let's you look chic and put together without screaming for attention.  There is one con though, it applies quite streaky and you will definitely need two coats to get an even coverage.  Nevertheless, I simply adore it! I guess I already made that clear in the headline. Well, whatever!

  OPI just recently came out with their Texas collection which consists of quite a big variety of shades, from all sorts of bubble gum like colours (pinks and oranges) to more "grounded" colours. 

So what do you think, ladies?
Will you pick anything up from their Texas collection?
I know I will have to go back to pick up another one of these "San Tan-tonio" bad boys as a back up!



Aly hat gesagt…

I absolutely love this colour! I have been looking for the perfect shade of nude and this is greatt I am picking this up tomorrow!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

WOW! that is really a beutiful color!

Ela hat gesagt…

I'm happy I could help!! :)
Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it!

chimpy hat gesagt…

wow beautiful nude colour. i'm nail polish fans too, i think i'll post nail polish review too.

visit my blog too if u mind :)

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