Peek @ 3.2 Phillip Lim Resort 2012

A new obsession has hit me! 


Many of you have probably already been browsing around on this website, but if you haven't, here you go!
So, today I was looking at some more pictures from the SS12 fashion shows and I completely fell in love with Phillip Lim

Here are my favourite outfits!

--->click<--- for the complete collection

The colour scheme is quite cold (considering that this is a SS collection) with some hints of colour. 
I have to agree with that those "hints" remind me of the flowers
 hot poppy 
and marigold.

I feel like it's a different way of incorporating florals to your wardrobe without the obvious print. 

I guess you see why I had to dedicate a post to his fashion show?!

Have you ever browsed around on
if so, what's your favourite rubric? 



Vintage Makeup hat gesagt…

The poppy is gorgeous!!

Ela hat gesagt…

I totally agree! :)

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