Celebrating YOU!

Hello my dear followers and bloglovers!
How are you doing? 
If you are doing fine - *imaginary upstairs*
If you aren't doing all that great today – Don't give up!! You're day is about to get a whole lot better!
  I kinda sound like a fortune cookie. Is that a good or a bad thing?

On sunday, I noticed that I have 43 Followers via and 7 followers via!
*looking across the room, while opening arms to the side and screaming: "HELL YEAH!"* 
If my kick ass math skills aren't failing me in this very moment, than I'm pretty sure that I've got 50 subscribers! 
(As of sunday, in the past few days 4 smart ladies were kind enough to hop on to our little fashion train. -Welcome you killer looking women!)

Let me get “straight” to the point.
I wanted to celebrate you, my dear readers, by doing a teeny tiny give away. Now don't frown – It's still as exciting as eating these fizzy thingy bobs and drinking coke at the same time.

I will be giving away a Mac lipstick!
One of the most favourite things I like to do (make up vice) is to wear a screaming lipstick. I assume that's because if my lipstick is screaming than I, for heaven sake,will be able to keep my mouth shut for at least 5 minutes straight - but I leave that to Freud to figure out.

Here are my favourite lipsticks. Just suggestions. You will be the one having to choose from around 100 lipsticks :)

from left to rigth 
Lady Danger, Morange, Vegas Volt, Impassioned, Girl about Town

The Rules: 

1. You need to be subscribed to my blog.
2. You need to follow me via twitter.
3. You need to be friends with me on facebook.
Uuuuahahahahahha that's me busting out my evil laugh!

4. And now for the fun part – you need to post a comment below writing about thoughts or suggestions you may have on improving my blog. Any kind of input welcome, whether it be styling wise, writing wise, layout wise EVERYTHING!
Please bare in mind that this is NOT a simple "enter me" give away and also don't forget to write down your email address so I can contact you.

The contest is open until 6th of July (fyi my first day being 21), anyone can enter (if you are under 18 please make sure you have your parents permission) and I will choose the winner via

Good look and for most have fun!



Anonym hat gesagt…

Congrats on 50 followers and thank you for holding this giveaway.

Please entre me. I have followed you on twitter and faceook.




Kasia hat gesagt…

Thank you my dear! Your blog is totally great and you're super pretty!


Miss Kwong hat gesagt…

oh girl u really look greatr. and i love all the shades in the post! amazing mac lipstick. they have the best pigment.

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From Catwalk to Classroom.

Anonym hat gesagt…

congrats:D did it-now following you everywhere I can;)
first of all:I LOVE your blog!It's new,different and you have a great humor.I like that.
I personally would love to see more pics of you wearing your outfits and another makeup-tutorial would be great.A video would be cool also...
looking forward to read more on your blog:) <3

sphisticate hat gesagt…

hmmm... improving this blog?
how about structuring in weekly's topics?
well, it's difficult to give you suggestions for improvement, because your blog is wonderful!
i just want to win the lipstick, honey!
aahh! maybe this is something. take a look at anna della russos blog. i love the sparkling points you see if you move the cursor. glittering, ha? think this will suit your blog as we...
going to follow you on twitter...
kisses and hugs

Anonym hat gesagt…

I think that you should do more posts about your make up and what you like to wear :) you could do like... a week with 7 different looks and post the pictures and swatches :)

wiebkemarie hat gesagt…

Yeah! I love mac lipsticks, especially lady danger! And i would love to try impassioned :)
As i check your blog regulary, i would love it if you write more often ^^ And i would like to see more ootd and makeup tutorials. And if you could tell us more about your favourite places in vienna, I love the ramien! But thats propably a selfish wish as i live in vienna as well :)

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