NOWHERE - is now here

First.    Let me strike up a casual conversation with you guys. 
What's shaking? 
How are you're pets and clothes doing? 

Second.    I bet everyone has already heard about it - NOWHERE has officially launched their online store. 
cool, hugh? 

We're looking at my favourite picks and at...
classic cuts with a sportive twist and slightly edgy accessories. 
Nothing particularly mind blowing BUT easy to seamlessly incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. 
Nevertheless, I've been quite hesitant about writing this post 'cause what I've been most excited about isn't available for purchase yet. 
can you guess it? 

...and the clutch.

I expected something that would shoot me to the moon and straight back form the Nhu Duong-Elin Kling Duo. 
Unfortunately that didn't happen - It did tickle a little shopaholic-jump out of me, though.
What do you rocker-chicks think?

I would like to apologize for my rather awful commenting habits! 
I read them all very carefully with great joy. 
I'm keeping an eye on you, kiddos. 



Mira hat gesagt…

Think this collection is okey... I love those jumpers though :)

Bang and Buck hat gesagt…

oh my goooooddnnesss!! i love all of it!


Bang & Buck

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