What NOT to do when painting your walls!

Painting your or someone else's walls, let's say, every other year does NOT make you a painting pro unless we're talking warpaint! 

(or mistakes I still do after my thousandth painting experience)

You can NOT wear your favourite clothes. You can paint naked, if you don't mind flashing you neighbors.

You can NOT skip taping edges, the floor etc thinking: "'s probably less work cleaning off the little splashes. I'll be fine!"   
NO! NO! NO! biggest mistake. You will feel some fine dizziness after spending several hours on the floor, with your best friend dispersion solvent, imitating Cinderella gone wild. That's as fine as it will get!

You can NOT walk on a ladder! You know how pro's can spread their legs so they are on each side of the ladder. It enables them to walk and paint corners at the same time. I know it's crazy, cool and YOU CAN NOT DO IT!  OK maybe you can if you are talented with ladders or stilts. Well I'm certainly not and the experience I made was NO fun so I would definitely say NO to trying it!

You can NOT NOT NOT take a tiny break, leave the battle field and abandon it to it's fate. 
Chances are you will fall a sleep ('cause painting is the second most fatiguing thing on earth, right after cleaning paint that decided to extend from the walls to everywhere else) and once you'll return to your favourite hobby everything will have dried. Getting dried up paint rollers and paint grids ready for work is so much work it's just not worth the hassle!

DO invite your friends. Everything is more fun with them. Screwing up is more fun, aggressions are more fun, finishing your work is more fun. 

DO prepare a game to cheer everyone up. Be creative, even a drinking game could ease up the work. 

DO blast your stereo and bust some moves! 

After all DO try to have fun. 
To me the most important thing is to learn having fun with things I don't necessarily enjoy doing.



Travel hat gesagt…

Lol, This is such a great post!..Lol..Thanks for putting a smile on my face with the funny Do's, Don'ts and pics..(following now, i hope you can follow back also if you like my page!..
Thank youuu!



Travel hat gesagt…

BTW, You're beautiful!

Valentin Rossiwall hat gesagt…


Valentin Rossiwall hat gesagt…

that is great!

Ela hat gesagt…

thank you!
I'm glad you liked it!!

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