Sunday FUN-day

 There is one good thing about being back in the cold climate, 
I feel like dressing up is a lot more fun as well as creative when you can add tons and tons of clothes.
And the cool thing about it is that as long as you don't look like a christmas tree and are still able to walk it also defeats the nasty cold weather! 

*Long-sleeved Shirt: Forever21
*Scarf: Bershka
*Vest: Zara (a present from my cousin)
*Belt & Jeans: Bershka
*Boots: UGG (colour: chestnut)

What colours do you like to wear during winter? 
I feel like that as soon as it get's cold I lean towards dark and earthy colours. 



sphisticate hat gesagt…

love your scarf!

ArbieBarbie hat gesagt…

Your outfit is really cute!
As for winter i also tend to go for darker colours but im looking forward to spring now :)

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Jewelz hat gesagt…

cute hairdo.

Check out my blog :)

Christina hat gesagt…

Great blog!
Love your outfit,your legs are amazing and this outfit is so cuddly:)

What She Said hat gesagt…

I LOVE THE SCARF! Please check out my blog & follow if you're a fan. Am following you. xCx

Anonym hat gesagt…

Fun photos, love your scarf!

Christine Iversen hat gesagt…

you look so beautiful in these pictures :)

Xoxo Christine

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