My one and only Honey Bunch!

Let me just go ahead and bore everyone on this planet out of their genius mind by telling you what has already been old news well...let's say a couple of weeks ago. So in advance, I'm sorry if I couse any severe brain damage or anxiety attacks due to the fear of time loss and if you haven't heard about it or tried it already "helloooo, my dear friend! I feel a strong connection to you and your "lateness"!"

The most delightful experience you will ever have, that is of course only if you are as pathetic as I am to agree on spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that is not worth it at all, while showering will be due to letting "It's raining Men" join your shower routine. 
If there are any men reading this post let me pamper you. Naturally there are no actual men raining so technically showering with you is still the most joyful thing! ;)

Yes, it smells (somewhat) like their oh so famous "Honey I washed the Kids" soap but as much as I am a fan of it I think that their shower gel is a way better product. I find the smell much more intense as well as complex. When you snap it open you will notice how similar they smell. Once you lather it on your body you will notice how the smell transforms into something a little bit more woodsy and herbal which is very weird 'cause from what I can tell by the ingredients there isn't anything similar in smell in it. Never the less, compared to the other body washes I think this is a lot better at moisturizing your skin as well as foaming up goes. 
So two thumbs up for smell and performance and one thumb down for the price tag which varies from 9$ to 25$!

Have you tried this yet?
Would you like to try it? If so, hurry so you can get your hands on it! It is a limited edition product from Valentines day. 
Yup that's how late I am with this post, shame on me. 



Miss A hat gesagt…

I quite like this showergel but I don't love it.. I'm obsessed with Lush's Honey I Washed The Kids soap and thought this would smell exactly like the soap.. But it didn't.. It smells of honey, yes, but of flowers too, and I think that's what ruins it for me.
Still a very nice shower gel :)

Christine Iversen hat gesagt…

I really want to try this product, lush have a lot of great products :)

Xoxo Christine

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