I need more

purple nail polishes!

If there is one colour* I can't stop painting my nails it must be each and every shade of purple!
Uuuuh, how I loooove purple nail polish.
It's the type of love that kids feel for lollies or collecting Pokemon cards.
I in particular used to love both but now that I'm a big girl I'm more into grown up things like...
 nail polish.

I just picked up a couple of nail polishes the other day, but I had to use this one first.
Let me introduce to you "funky dunkey." 
Her family name is Shrek Collection, she's from OPI city and my hands best friend.

left to right:
2 coats, 1 coat, 1 coat + 1 coat of OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection

a close up from "Teenage Dream"

If you look closely you can tell that the more coats you paint on the more visible the blue undertones get. 
Also, If you like your nails to look completely perfect, I would definitely recommend wearing two coats, as the nail polish is a little bit streaky, and finishing off with a top coat.
Both I barely ever do 'cause I'm one lazy chick who enjoys the thought of painted nails but never the actual activity. 
Which usually results in nasty chipping and a frustrated sigh asking myself when I will learn my lesson.
Too bad.

What is your favorite nail polish colour?


*clear and neutrual colours don't count! 


Lexy hat gesagt…

Hey! I really like the purple color.
The one with sparkles would be cool for going out at night..
And I rarely do the same :( Sadly my nailpolish always chip..


BeautyByA hat gesagt…

Hey! I always think that some of the darker purples are really chic especially for fall and winter. Midnight in Moscow or Suzy says Da are my personal favorites in that category.

Aly hat gesagt…

That purple is fabulous, one of my favourtie colours also!

Christine Iversen hat gesagt…

That purple nail polish looks beautiful, i love it. Teenage Dream is one of my favorites, its so pretty and it looks amazing over another color :)

Xoxo Christine

Tanaia Jewel hat gesagt…

Love the sparkles, I dont have much OPI nailpolish! but I really want a pretty springy-blue one! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!

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