When things are getting hectic...

I still find myself out of breath and overwhelmed by how spontaneously get to's and appointments can pop up. Sometimes the many things people demand from me, the decision I have to make immediately, as it seems, and other things like that simply stress me out. So when things are getting very hectic and I find the need to just say "STOP", take a deep breath and find my feet, I like to take a few hours off and head to a few art galleries.  This week I already had one of those moments, good thing there are so many galleries on Lincoln Road (the main shopping road in Miami Beach). -LOL
On monday I went to the Carel Gallery, which specializes in modern art and the 19th century and is owned  by a sweet french lady. Usually, I'm not typically drawn into galleries that present a lot of 19th century art in their window display, but as mentioned above I was in deep need of a little
 "self-discovery-time". I'm so glad I went inside, all the paintings by european artists (mostly french) made me feel closer to home. One painting in particular caught my eye. 

Vase de Roses (1950) by Georges Danset
 I love how the composition of the colors radiate peace as well as inner unrest.
To be honest I have never seen, not to mention received, roses this beautiful. 

I walked out of this gallery feeling all daring, so I went into the next gallery which at first sight also didn't necessarily appeal to me. Well what am I supposed to say? This gallery is definitely not worth mentioning in this post. 
A little bit disappointed by the last sculptures and paintings I saw, I met up with my friend Hilary in front of the Peter Lik Gallery. I wanted to see his work ever since I've passed his gallery! We spend a good amount of time looking at his pictures, thinking that some (well I thought pretty much all) of them were over retouched, until a sales person approached us and actually demonstrated the pictures speciality. 
He led us into a room which was completely dark. We sat down and looked at a framed picture in front of us. Slowly he started turning on the dimmer and as the light got brighter and brighter we witnessed a sunrise, inside a freaking gallery! It was simply breathtaking!!!  
You have to go check out one of his galleries and let an employer demonstrate you a sunrise!
I can't find the right words to describe how beautiful this experience was, other than I felt like I was actually standing on this Mountain in Utah.

If I hade a little bit of spare money ( around 50 000! LOL!), I would love to splurge on this picture.
Until then, I guess I'll keep singing: 'If I was a rich girl, na na na na....!'

Sacred Sunrise by Peter Lik

Because we loved the gallery so much we thought we could really use a picture in front of it.
So, here we go Hilary and I all touristy...

What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed?
Who's your favorite artist?
Do you know a good art gallery you think I should check out while I'm still in Miami?


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