Hair Saver!

Yes, you heard right! 
The following products do save my hair. 

So about 1½ years ago a hairdresser (sort of) chopped off my hair from about belly-button-length to barely-touching-my-shoulder-length. To me that was almost as big of a disaster as throwing away all my clothes. That incident made me want to invest my money in a good Hair care system. 

Now, 1½ years later, my hair is about 20cm longer and it almost comes below my bust. I know this doesn't sound as if my hair grew like crazy, but considering that I straighten my curls about once a week and that I get them trimmed every other month, I think my hair is doing quite great. 
I also noticed that ever since I started using those products I don't spend as much time straightening as I used to.  It seriously used to take me 3 hours and now it's only taking me 30-40 minutes. 
PLUS my hair looks a lot healthier...which is actually the whole point of this post! ;)

First I wash (or as they call it bathe) my hair with their Oléo Realx Shampoo (about 14£). 
My hair instantly feels different – smoother and healthier. 

Afterwards I use their Oléo Relax Masque (about 25£).
I like to use this every time I wash my hair simply because my hair is extra extra dry. 
The first thing I noticed, after i used this product, was that I could almost run my fingers through my entire hair, whereas before I had to stop right by my ears (yes that's how tangled my hair used to be). 

Tip: I would recommend massaging this mask in yout hair from below your ears and down, focusing most of the product on your ends. Otherwise it could make your scalp look greasy and wear your hair down. Also I would recommend putting your hair up in a bun and letting it sit for about 10 minutes.

Once I have rinsed out the masque and taken off my "towel turban" I like to put around 6-8 pumps of Kérastase Nutritive Lait Nutri-Sculpt (about 18 £) in my hair. 
I have noticed that my hair is a lot smoother and less curly once it's dry. 

Tipp: Again I would recommend distributing from your ears down and focusing on the ends.

If I decide to straighten my hair I like to run a mac-eyshadow-sized amount of Nectar Thermique - Heat Protector (about 18£) through my hair. It protects your hair from the heat, fastens the process of straightening and leaves your hair silky looking.

I know Kérastase products are quite price but in my opinion they are totally worth it. 
To me these products are definitely holy grail idems!!!
 Which means that as long as I can afford buying them I will continue using them!

You can get Kérastase products at Kérastase salons and many hair dressers. 
However, if you happen to live in the UK I would recommend buying them via
They sell Kérastase products 25% off including shipping, all year around.

So what do you think? 
Will you give it a shot? 

Hope to hear from you! 


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