Discovery of the Week!

Today I was done with my castings quite early (at around 2pm) so I decided to take a long walk on Collins Avenue. Way south (to be specific on 638 Collins Avenue) I found a cute little store named Kidrobot. Even though I didn't know anything about this store I was immediately drawn into it by the cool window display. Just in case you don't know anything about the company, just like I did before I walked into it, here comes a little recap: 
Basically Kidrobot is a producer and retailer of designer toys which are mostly produced in limited numbers and therefor are, ore become, collector's items. There are four stores in the U.S. (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami Beach - lucky me lol) and one in Kanada (Toronto). In addition to toys and dolls they also offer apparel and lifestyle products.
I guess you can already tell that it's quite hard to get a hold of their goodies. Luckily, some Urban Outfitters carry a small selection of Kirdobot, so I would recommend checking out your local Urban Outfitters

Love at first sight!
This cute donut pillow (75$) was the first thing that caught my eye. 
Although I thought it was extra cute I decided not to buy it on a whim.  
(Yes I'm already regretting not buying it) 

 Instead of the pillow I went for a much cheaper alternative.
Tadaaaa! - It is a keychain surprise box!
There was basically no way of telling which one of them 
contained the pink muffin that I wanted so desperately, just like 
winning the lottery I guess. So the only way of "telling" was
 to assume that it would be heavier than most boxes.
Sure thing I was standing there holding up almost every box,
trying to tell which one of them was the heaviest. 
I couldn't wait and ripped it open straight away and in it I found 
....stupid tea pot with a cup -.-
I was so sad! lol 
The sales person was so kind as well as understanding and 
proposed to exchange it to a blue muffin, which was displayed
on a counter.
 By the way, I named him Mr. Kadoodle.




Anonym hat gesagt…

I loooooooove Mr. Kadoodle!!!!!!!!!
Great you found something cute and low priced =)

Anonym hat gesagt…

:-) the pillow looks awesome!

Ela hat gesagt…

I really appreciate you guys commenting!
I hope you keep on stopping by.


Anonym hat gesagt…

OMG they look soooo cute!!adorable;D <3 <3

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