Agency Night Out

Yesterday was the first time I went to an "Agency Night Out" here in Miami. It's basically an "event" from my agency where they're taking all their models out for dinner and afterwards to a club. 

For dinner we went to an italian restaurant called Sardinia Restaurante. As far as authenticity goes, I think they did pretty well. I have to say though, that the starters were a lot better  then the first and the main course. After dinner we hit a club named Set. The interior design was amazing but they were playing, what I think was, commercial house/electro which I don't like. Never the less, I was having a blast (especially while dancing the banana cheer with Sina and Yas to every other song! lol)! It was so great to get to know other models from the agency and to hang out with the bookers outside the office!

Sina & Iggy (one of our bookers)

 Natalie, Yas (both bookers) & Me

little pieces of paper that kept falling
 every now and then

So what did you do this weekend?
Did you hit the club as well or did you stay at home watching a movie and drinking hot cocoa?


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